Vietnam Vet needs help

Hi all,

I write this open letter to all in hopes to get your help. I am embarassed to ask…but I simply cannot afford the finances that will be required over the next 10 days to get him here.

The VA has refused to help this 2 tour Vietnam Vet, and as such we are forced to go to get him from Hawaii and bring him back to Florida without VA assistance. As you can imagine the costs are way out of our league…so we are turning everywhere to ask for help.

Here is the story…

My wife’s father suffered a MASSIVE STROKE on Christmas Eve and was not found until Christmas day, making reversal drugs not an option. As such he has lost all mobility on his righ side and has lost the ability to speak.

My wife and I have fought and they have agreed to release him from Maui Memorial Hospital into our care. So we must get him into a Nursing Home within 24 hours of the handoff. But due to the injury, he cannot fly by regular means.

In most cases this would not be an issue…but add to the fact that this is Hawaii and it is Valentine weekend and you can see how the costs are simply nuts!

He requires as a minimum First Class along with one of us for all three flights. The reason is that he will need to recline as much as possible and be able to stretch his legs. Plus one of us MUST be by his side for the duration of the flights if the airlines are to accept him.

We have had to purchase 3 round trip airfares to Hawaii ON SHORT NOTICE for flight during VALENTINE’s WEEK.

HOTEL ROOMS - Did I mention that it is VALENTINE week? And add that to the fact that it is in HAWAII!!! I cannot even begin to explain this cost or how we will find a place to stay…much less afford.

TRANSPORTATION - We will need to, not only spend time with him in the hospital, but we also must travel 1hr and 45mins each way each day to where he lived in order to take care of his affairs and move him out of his home for life…taxis would not be a consideration. Again, did we mention that it is VALENTINE week? And add that to the fact that it is in HAWAII!!!

The VA has said…sorry! Since he was not combat wounded, he is not eligible for longterm care…so we are forced to pay for this.

Please, if you are a Veteran…or you have a family member who is…or if you just want to help…please do! I am embarassed to ask…but I simply cannot afford the finances that will be required over the next 10 days to get him here.

If you can help, please email me personally for my home address. My wife and I will be leaving on Thursday Feb 8.

If you cannot help, would you please still pray for us?

Harvey Gordon


So how much $$ do you need and where do we send it?

BTW the VA will transport for free under certain conditions

What branch of the service and how many years of service and did he stay in the reserves until retirement (if he had 12 years of service he has some additional bennie’s)

And is this a military service related issue or a non related stroke?? I makes a difference with the VA

Also might check with the old NACHI foundation so we can get a tax deduction if the $$ go through them

Good luck


I e-mailed you for an add.

Good luck and prayers


Hi Richard,

He was in the Marines and served as an “Ordinance” man…as you can imagine, tough calls!

The costs to get him back will exceed $15,000. Among many needs will be that we will need to upgrade the flights to accomodate his need to be as flat as possible for the LONG TRIP HOME. Hotel and Car, are estimated to be around 2500 to 3000 alone due to the Valentine Week.

He served for a total of 6 years…in which he made 2 tours. By the grace of God was never PHYSICALLY WOUNDED. But there in there lies the start of the problems! Meaning, no combat injury, no longterm care!

VA will only transport Life or Death cases where these are pensioned due to retirement or cobat related injuries. And in most cases, to the closest VA hospital, which in this case would be Honolulu not back here in Florida where we are.

Here is a bit of good news…I have just read that if you were in Vietnam and after was diagnosed with Diabetes, that in almost all caes you are entiltled to “combat pension” as chemicals in Agent Orange and others are believed to have caused Diabetes. However the process I am told will take close to 1year to get him “reclassified” as combat disabled!

Regarding the NACHI Foundation…I would love it IF they would support this. I guess you could always ask them.

Thank you for your concerns…and great questions!

I just replied! Thank you Mickey! I am simply humbled.

I guess it would just be easier to post our address…so here it is…and THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

6921 NW 34 ST., MARGATE, FL 33063

Those who are able to help Harvey and want to do so, I will be setting up a program for donations. The Foundation is currently having a registration/donation problem with the online process. Do not use until you hear back from me. It may be a day or two before the issues can be resolved.

In the mean time, send me an email at Thats my personal address. Mark it Harvey Aid if you would, include a phone number so that I can make direct contact with you and provide the way to make the donation. Harvey has helped the Foundation in the past and it our turn to do what we can for him. Folks, we’re talking about one of our vets that did his duty and is being more or less cast off by the VA. Yeah, I know, rules are rules.

Harvey, I will make contact with you in morning.

Paul Sabados
The Foundation for Safer Housing

You are in my prayers. I simply do not understand WHY the VA won’t help (and I’m upset), why it has to be during such an expensive time, and why they won’t keep him for a little while longer so that you could get more inexpensive tickets?

What is wrong with these people?! Is it inconceivable to them just keep him a little bit longer so that you could book your flights further in advance and get better rates?:frowning:

Like I said, you are in my prayers and can we Paypal money to that email address?

God bless you all


Words simply cannot express the joy of waking up this morning and reading your post!

My wife and I are simply in awe.

We thank you all!

Harvey and Nanette Gordon


Welcome to our little space in VA bad town!

I will type more later…on my way out the door to an inspection.

But for now let me just say, THANK YOU for the money you sent!

God bless you!

Harvey and Nanette

In answer to all who emailed regarding helping through PayPal…

If you want to help via PayPal, please use for your donations.

Thank you all.

Harvey and Nanette

You’re welcome Harvey. I’m sorry I couldn’t help more. As I get more available I’ll send a little here and there okay?

May God bless you and prosper you today and always,
Wendy and family
Pay it forward

Harvey, I’m sending you what I can. This is what supporting the troops is really about. I am appalled (though not surprised) at how little we as a nation really support our troops.

This is what “NACHI” is all about!


I just sent a donation via paypal - wish I could do alot more. I have an idea that you might try. In our rural area, if a resident was in this situation & the local newspaper ran the story - Many people & local businesses would help. Maybe this might work for your family.

My grandfather was a WWII vet - and it was sad the way the government did not help when we felt they should - especially in the end. I feel your pain & will definitely be praying for you & your family.


Thank you so very much for your generous gift.

Please keep praying for us…we are so far behind but I am sure that things will fall into place!

God bless you!

Harvey and Nanette

check in the mail, Keith.

I am going to honor a donors request to remain anonymous, but I did want to publicly thank them…

You know who you are…thank you for your $250.00 American Express Gift Card!

God Bless You!

Harvey and Nanette Gordon

Trying to do this without going to the proper channels in the VA is useless. You will be dealing with bureacrats who do not have any first hand knowledge and you will most likely get lost in the shuffle. Go to your county Veterans’ Center where you will be dealing with someone with a face and a name. There are numerous avenues available to you to get the help you need but the one that can cut thru most of the red tape and get his name in the registry is:

If he was incountry in Vietnam and exposed even slightly he is elegible for treatment. The VA is like any other large organization and trying to do anything long distance takes 4 times as much effort and time as locally. You will most likely need copies of his DD214 from his service record, the VA Center personnel can help you cut thru the crap and get that. Make numerous copies and have them “endorsed” (certified to be a true copy) and register with the Clerk of the County Court for a permanent record. You may also get some additional information thru the Fleet Reserve Association

Keith…dude…I want to say something profound…will THANK YOU do?

We remain humbled,

Harvey and Nanette