Watch Joe Farsetta's new show, Inspection Tips and Techniques. Hang on, it's fast!

One of the best episodes yet IMHO.

Just got done watching it and I would have to agree that has been the best video I have seen NACHI.TV do yet.

Nice quick informative video.

Placing the flashlight agaist the wall to sight imperfections is an old drywaller’s trick and very effective.

Nice job!

Good job, Joe.

Best episode yet. Kudos to Joe and the Gang.

Good one Joe! A few more like this and Nachi TV by be on to something. :smiley:

Good video, but I just have to ask (and no slam intended, Joe. You know me).

Why the heck do your arms hang that way?

Palms to the side, normally, but your palms were facing forward.

Did you, by any chance, have your arms repeatedly broken while held in a North Vietnames prision for 5 years? Did you have your arms “adjusted” by the Teamsters or Steveadors union “On the water front?”?

I’m just asking. :shock:

Long ago, someone made me an offer I couldnt refuse…

I think Will means your palms face backwards, like a gorrilla. :smiley:

Great job, Joe!

We should do more like these…

Agree, bullet format information, the need to know stuff. Great amount of information in rapid fire kinda like Cliff notes.

Great Video- Great Job- Joe!


Very good job, Joe.

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Hope this helps;

Hey… go easy on the gorrillas, at least they have a neck…:mrgreen:

Nick & Joe,
I just saw this episode for the 1st time.

I thought that there was some Good & Valuable information and as a matter of fact I am going to send out a Broadcast Newsletter to the members of our our State Chapter with a link so that they can watch it!

Keep up the GOOD WORK! :razz:

That was a good video Joe!

But only the tip of the iceberg, being from Canada (Québec to boot)…