Water Well ??

They built the new addition around the well. There is an entry door on the roof so that well guys can access thru the house. Kinda makes you go :roll:





They likely won’t set up a derrick over a roof when it’s time to pull the pump motor.


I recommended that they refer to a well company and make sure they came out to look before closing to see what there thoughts were because I thought the same.

Interesting. but what about the roof? how would you access that part?

Well pumps and piping can be brought to the surface using a very small machine placed on top the casing. The opening is only for the pipes as they come out.

I saw one like this has been working great 30 plus years .
I was not concerned.

Have found wells and septic tanks inside houses or accessible from attached garage.
One time in a rural property the septic tank and leach field was located in the neighbouring property!

I would be concerned with that set up. In Michigan, the well must be located outside the foundation of the house.

Also, I believe FHA with not underwrite a mortgage on that property because of the well location. See page 65.


I would not punt this to a well driller, just tell them why it’s wrong.

Thanks for all the replies. I was not to concerned as the property was sold once before but Mrs. Client was a little bit concerned and I thought it good to C.M.A. myself and let the drillers say they do or don’t see a problem. We talked about it not being right but out in the country around here some times anything goes.

Mark I read your link and could not find anything it does however state property line distance less than 10 feet is allowed provided that the well is not within 10 feet of any roadway or the property line of other than a single-family residential property, for example the well cannot be within 10 feet of a commercial, industrial or multifamily building.

Still makes me go hummm

From page 65

“A well located within the foundation walls of a dwelling is not acceptable
except in arctic or sub-arctic regions.”

Thanks Mark I miss read the page #s. Thanks for the link and sharing.

Something to consider is termite treatment. Danger of water contamination. If the foundation of the addition was treated before back fill, the well is too close.

i agree with Gregory L. Neff, as long as you check that you don’t have any termites it shouldn’t be a problem