We have now made ASHI the very same final offer that we made to NAHI last year.

Can’t wait to hear more.

Sounds like nice offer

Typed in Nachi.org and got this cool/funny story on the “Onion”.

You crack me up.

From the letter…

“InterNACHI would, of course, remain subject to the direction of ASHI’s Board of Directors.”

Can you explain what the heck that means?

What would the benefit of this be?



My guess is that 1st it will never happen as they have no reason to just close up.
2nd, what is the benefit to any Nachi member?

As it is now it gives Nachi inspectors a good marketing tool having them around. Nachi inspectors can boast on the Nachi benefits, the superior education etc… that ashi lacks.

If there is only 1 association, then the playing field becomes even, and thus we loose the competitive edge, and in the end the association becomes only good for its education but basically useless for most everything else.


It means the InterNACHI staff and systems we bring in to run ASHI would not do anything their Board objects to.

It’s better than ASHI going out of business, like NAHI did. If they keep hemorrhaging membership, ASHI is going to suffer the same fate that NAHI did. InterNACHI is graciously offering them a way to survive in a post-InterNACHI world where inspectors expect (and deserve) all this: www.nachi.org/benefits.htm

I assumed but the writing should be clearer imho, especially on such
an important letter.

A post-InterNachi world??

Yes. A world where most inspectors are members of InterNACHI. https://www.nachi.org/clustered-map.htm

Post means after.
A “post” InterNachi world is one that InterNachi doesn’t exist in.

For instance, we are in a post Soviet age.

Post InterNACHI becoming the major, lone trade association then. In every industry, you end up with one main organization (NAR, NRA, AARST, AAA). The inspection industry is no exception.

Ok, so why then are you supposedly offering a helping hand to Ashi?

And would you really expect them to take you up on this “offer”?

It’s better than them ending up like NAHI. We made the same offer to them last year. Adapt, migrate, or perish.

I tend to agree.

I see benefits from the competition between the two.

So do I. InterNACHI has had almost no competition from ASHI or NAHI in many years and this is what keeps me up at night, worrying. I don’t want InterNACHI’s staff to ever relax.