Wearing a mask when alone?

You pull up to the house, the owners are getting in their car just leaving, the agent pulls up behind. Agent goes in you stay outside to begin exterior inspection.

Soon agent leaves you are alone the rest of the inspection, do you continue to wear your mask?

I would…from what I understand, that stuff floats around in the air and rests on surfaces to be disturbed and inhaled, touched, etc. JMHO…YMMV


Mask protects others from you, there’s no others.

Go for it, then.

There are others after you are finished


not totally factual
if that were the case this rona shit would be far worse than it is
there is ppe that can protect you as well
i work safer & smarter for those i come in contact w/afterwards
jftr i hate having to ninja-up just to do my job
it’s the times i’m alive in & i must protect loved ones & myself to see another day
the rest of the pop benefits from my pro-activeness

Since March,

I’ve been wearing a KN95 mask, I put it on before I get out of my vehicle and don’t take it off until I get back in. Occupied, vacant, new construction, commercial, everything.

I suggest you do the same.

Good luck, stay safe.


If masks worked Corona would have been eradicated months ago.


The problem with that logic is that would be If Everyone wore them and as we all know many many many people, including our president, did not. And still don’t.


Or logic is a virus attaches to particles to spread. Wear a mask in a smoke filled room and what do you smell? Yeah you smell smoke. Masks give the wearer a warm and fuzzy feeling but if exposed to the airborne virus it’s no good. Air will take the path of least resistance…the big mask opening around your nose.

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If you are going to follow any “safety protocol” you should do it from start to finish and be consistent. All the political and media BS aside, sheeple are still in freak out mode, others have just come to accept things as they are and move on. If you enter the house with a mask, leave it on while inside for the peace of mind of others, and to save yourself from the drama should someone show up and see you without one. As I said be consistent with protocol.
I wear one while inside even though I hate it.


I wear mine when I go into the attic, then take it off and then again if there is a crawlspace…


The mask is the only tool we have at this time to slow the virus. Although not a perfect solution, it has been proven to work. :mask: :+1:

200w (9)


We don’t wear a mask, never have, never will. I do not buy into the victim wear and shaming. I have not given into this essential and non essential business crap. All work is important. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. I gave the experts the 2 weeks to flatten the curve. And what did that do for us? The bar keeps moving. The so called experts keep changing the facts, numbers, to justify the masks. Ask you self why the media keeps reporting up ticks and not the fact that 99.5 % people who get infected, recover…(CDC website). The pandemic will be over 5 November.
If I have offending any of your cup cakes. I sure you will let me know I’m wrong.
Tim, I will trust you make the call for you and not what the cool inspectors are doing.
Good luck and Keep the Faith.
Fact: You have the right to disagree in America.


I would say it’s obviously way less important if you’re alone, but good God people, it’s not that difficult. If I’m in someone else’s home, I’d rather be safe then sorry.


Yep, John. My thoughts, too. :+1:


My MD said, “Look at it this way, best information we have is that a proper mask - NOT a bandana - is helpful if, and only if it is worn properly. The oral covering appears to minimize the distance the virus can travel, providing some protection to others. It also supplies YOU with some protection. They have a mask and you have a mask - should cut down on spread quite well. However - to really give you any protection the mask MUST be worn in proper manner - covering YOUR NOSE - to minimize on inhaled virus.”

Notice how many people have not worn them? If everyone wore them when they should and practiced social distancing a lot of people who are dead might now be alive. We lost our first family member the week before last. My cousin’s husband did not wear a mask.

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And there are the successful accomplishments of Sweden where masks are not worn. That blows the mask theory away. https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2020-09-21/sweden-spared-second-wave-coronavirus-so-far


If underwear won’t stop a fart … Then why are mask any good? :wink: