Well pump connection.

Well pump is connected by what appears to be 10/3 dryer cord plugged into a dryer receptacle. Romex feeding the receptacle appears to be 12/3.
No strain relief device on 10/3 cord where it connects to the pump.
Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

Depends on the manufacturer I suppose. They might be okay with a cord but I doubt the dryer cord would fly with them. Sizing will depend on the pump specs. 20 amp or 12/3 is probably enough, some of those pumps are only 15 amps and can be 120 or 240 volt. The wire clamp is needed regardless.

I would call it out as a nonprofessional installation and refer them back to the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

I doubt that the pump is listed for flex cord wiring.

The tomic connector is at the pump connection, but is not properly installed.

That looks like an old 3 wire dryer outlet which is not designed to ground appliances (only pre 1996 dryers). Cord is most likely not listed for this. Id call it out.