Westinghouse service panel question

Does anyone recognize this Westinghouse service panel? Any recall issues to report? It has Bryant and Cutler Hammer breakers in it, an issue to report. I could not open the cover because of the wood trim around it, another issue to report. Often more information can be gleaned on the main breaker, which is hidden by the cover. This is a 1989 house.

Here’s the sticker on the bottom of the panel cover:

I really can’t help about recalls issues, but I’m always baffled to see panels trimmed out with door removed. Who does this and why?

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I believe Cutler-Hammer are OK, not sure about others.

My favorite is when they just must use the stud on one side to build shelves and the cover is about 3/4" covered. All kinds of things start going through my mind (Can I get the cover off and back on? How far was the drive if I have to come back? How nice am I feeling today?). I really hate not getting into a panel and will usually give it a try. Of course, there’s really nothing that can be done about the trim job pictured.


Doesn’t look like it would take much if anything to take that cover off.

Just a hammer and a pry bar. A little muscle and violating a non intrusive inspection. Besides that, your right.


Just had a similar panel with painted wood trim preventing removal of the dead front. I just disclaimed it as non-accessible (as with any disclaimed item make sure you photograph it for the report). Can’t damage the home. Panel covers merely painted to the wall are easily removed after scoring the paint line with a utility knife. Most people don’t think when they do these things.

Alarm installers!!! Yeah, let’s just put the whole box over the corner of the panel… that should be fine.

I was able to slide the cover out and back in but that is just stupid.



Absolutely! Look up videos of “service panel arc flash”. You won’t remove a restricted service panel cover again. The only way to remove the cover is straight out, never sideways.


Prior to being branded as Westinghouse, they were Bryant, then they were Cutler-Hammer, now they are Eaton BR.

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Similar setup only with a electric baseboard thermostat from an inspection 2 days ago.
Referred to an electrical contractor for proper dead front clearance.