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I don’t do roofs over 20 feet. You know that.
Put your money where your mouth is. You challenged Russell in the past and now he is challenging you.
Show us how/why it takes 3 hours to complete a report after your onsite inspection.
Chicken?? cluck, cluck, cluck

I am faster than you .
Lets pick a time next week and do it live.
We will take 100 pictures from the same folder and take pictures of the screen as if it were live then slot them in proper categories.
We can arrange to do this live with other members watching.

Once shots are taken and slotted they will then be uploaded to our desktops and merged to be completed and generated as a PDF.

Will enjoy watching HG fail in the speed test Mr SLOW.

Get off that fat and learn to climb a ladder .I am doing a commercial storefront on Montrose tomorrow and the guy told me the roof is 23 feet tall plus a 17 foot tin ceiling he wants me to look at joist ]
He has a package unit on the roof and your lazy for old man waste of money Drone would not help you.

Sometimes you gotta actually work and earn what your paid for but go ahead and keep writing fast reports.
My clients pay me for full bodied and detailed reports …not your generic checklist.

Hope I did not touch a nerve.

You’re right Bob, you’re better and faster than my fat, bald a s s. I concede.
Now go take up Russell on his challenge to you. cluck, cluck.

I have a 30’ ladder in the garage I could give you a good deal on. I only used it once.
My longest ladder is a 22’ folding ladder, if I can’t reach it with that, too bad.
I sold my drone a couple of months ago and bought some new toys.

Bob says he’s too busy but he just challenged me.
I just don’t have the time. Can you contact him and take my place?
I think he’s scared of you and he’s backpeddling.

Bob will do anything to avoid this challenge Russell.
He’s all talk.

I will take you both on next week after wed.
Linas I challenged Russell months ago.

HG is slow compared to HIP…just like you old man.

Cluck cluck cluck.

Did I say something wrong ?

Cluck, cluck, cluck.