What can we do?

As I sit and read the message boards (which I enjoy). I sit and wonder and beotch like most at how the world sucks and who’s fault it is. But instead of compalining isn’t there something we can do to help? Would it not be great to have something like the NACHI nationwide food bank to help the hungry? Or Coats/blankets for the homeless? Would it not be great to go into a Real Estate office and pass out a flyer stating the NACHI organization and ABC home inspection company is trying to make the those less fortunate a little more comfortable. Please give your food, old coats, old blankets…whatever we decide on. 1 your name gets out there 2. Nachi get noticed 3 YOU FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF…I am willing to try it in my area, just need to bounce ideas off of people so we can get a decent plan together…Let me know what you think…

Russell, contact your local food banks and offer your support.

They will be glad to hear from you. No need to reinvent the wheel.

Thanks for your concern.

So then what you are saying is “there should only be 1 home inspector in the US” I mean why re-invent the wheel. I rarely give to the Red Cross and such, because many people believe that non profit means noone gets paid…when the Red Cross president makes over 400K a year…well that to me is just wrong.

Just a thought to get OUR organization to lead the way in areas like this…a way to stand above the rest. But I can see Michael that if it takes any effort and does not directly effect you then F em…spoken like a true Republican!

God Bless

Just came back for a fundraiser my girlfriend’s mom put together for a local food bank. We raised $177.00 in just a few hours.

AWESOME…thanks for giving James…nice to see people who make an effort.

I do not believe in giving to national charities because the local charities seem to do a better job.

You don’t know me well enough to trash talk me.

I admire your idealism I just am of the opinion that charity is best given locally through your church or other house of worship and in your own community.

I think it’s fine to encourage your NACHI Brothers in such activity.

God Bless you sir.

What if you don’t worship?

Are there no local food banks you could volunteer at or donate too?

I have been trying to establish a referral rewards program. Instead of me paying a past customer for a referral, I would donate the money to a charity in their name. But I have not established a good way of knowing where my referrals come from. I think I need to do some type of referral rewards card. Any other suggestions?

I guess some are leaders and some are followers. To be part of something that could be big and wonderful excites me…and actually no…there is the Harry Chapin food bank at our local store…ya know buy a bag for $12 and then donate it. Seems kinda cheap. In my city there is NO homeless person, No kidding. I do know of two homeless people 3 cities over, but they choose to live that way…

Once once again Michael some are meant to be followers and other leaders…I will think of something and make it happen…

With your attitude there would have never been a NACHI…there was an ASHI, why re-invent the wheel…there would never be Chevrolet, why we had Ford.

Jbraun - where do you get most of your referrals from?

Several of you have not been around long enough to remember The Foundation for Safer Housing. It, at one time, was devoted to such causes but has since apparently died a slow death due to general indifference I suppose.

Individuals. Sometimes I know I have never done an inspection for them but they know somebody who knows somebody who I done an inspection for. So that is why it is hard for me to keep track of them. I can remember the properties but I have a hard time remembering my clients.

Personally, I am trying to keep my donations local - mostly the local food bank. The local Association of Realtors do a lot of charity stuff which the associates can contribute to and get recognition among the realtors.

I used to belong to CREIA, and they did some work with Habitat for Humanity.

Your right I have not been around long enough, is there a way to bring it back to life?

James can you not write down where the referral come from?

Ralph thats my point…why be part of something when you can LEAD something. Instead of you making the Realtors assocaiton look good why not make YOUR company and organization look good?

Talk to Gary Johnson, Blaine Wiley, John Bowman or Paul Sabados to get an update on the foundation and see what, if anything, can be done to re-vitalize it.

Ya, I remember that organization. Too bad that they do not do any self promoting. Everybody just forgets about them.
I live across the street from my local food bank. It kinda makes you think when you see a long line of people waiting to get food in the morning.