What date should we have the online Christmas party?

It’s the largest event in the industry.

If its good for you, same day as last year.

12-25-2018 :slight_smile:

I vote for Dec 17

For the new guy/gals, it is when Nick makes a post somewhere on the forum all day long and each post says some this like :The first 1 or 12 people to respond with their name and address win this moisture meter, or a box of miscellaneous or a full membership to an inspection software or a flashlight or, or, or…:smiley:

I personally think Christmas is for families but Dec. 17th is looking good. :slight_smile:

Any day is Christmas when Nick gives stuff away. :wink:
!7th works for me though. :slight_smile:

C’mon…aren’t we all family here? lol

Got a large inspection that day, how about the 21st?

You won’t win anything anyway, Dave. :lol: You’re a giver with that HOOTIE HOO, or, whatever it is called.

Seriously, it doesn’t matter to me what date because I just like to watch the scrambling that goes on anyway. :smiley:

What day/date was that, Mark? :-k

I think it was on…

12/20/17, , Will check … Roy Cooke

“How to Perform Electrical Inspections” book. First 20 to reply win.](https://www.nachi.org/forum/f32/perform-electrical-inspections-book-20-reply-win-126560/)

How to Perform Electrical Inspections" book. First 20 to reply win.

How to Perform Electrical Inspections book

First 20 to reply win.

Pass if you already own this book.

Travis the Elf will ship the 20 books.

Merry Christmas.

Okay, it was a Wednesday on Dec. 20th, 2017.

Dave & I were Contributors to that book

Yep! :lol:

You mean the hootie hoo that cost me $5+ bucks in postage due? That hootie hoo? :roll:

Why didn’t you return to sender?? You want me to send you $5 too??? :roll:

Looks like your memory is going… or are you just lying??? Which makes one wonder were you lying then???

				Originally Posted by **sstanczyk** 					[https://nachi.cachefly.net/forum/images/2006/buttons/viewpost.gif](https://www.nachi.org/forum/f13/merry-christmas-getting-hooty-hooos-troll-mix-126746-post1892995/#post1892995) 				
			*Found a notice in my mailbox today.  $1.70 postage due.  :roll:*

Huh…the 3 pound bag of it that Dave sent to me didn’t come postage due. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :cool:

Good stuff, Dave. Thanks! :smiley:

My pleasure Larry! :lol: