What day should we do the annual online Christmas party? Biggest industry event.

Nearly 3,000 attendees each year.

What day should we do it?

I nominate Dec. 20 or Dec 21st.


ask Juan. He wins everything :slight_smile:

We will donate one free infrared class to the party ($400 value).

Any day of the week works for me since I give away all the
prizes I win.

The 17th or 18th.
In 2010 I won a lifetime membership. I think I was the last one to win that.

You need to offer another one Nick!

That was the best prize a person could win.

OK, dumb question, but it has to be asked.

How does an online Christmas party work?

Dec. 22nd

Monday the 22nd

It is really pretty neat. Nick will post something along the line of “First four people to respond with a name and address get a free bar of gold.” When he does this, you respond with “PASS”.

Ian, the day of the party Nick, staff, vendors, etc., will post prizes on the message board (first to reply, first 10 to reply, etc. wins that prize.). Usually last most of the day.

LOL! That’s correct! :p;-)

Either Monday the 15th or Tuesday the 16th. This way the gifts have a decent chance in getting to us before the 25th.


20th or the 21th, that way everyone can participate.
During the week most are working. :slight_smile:

Jeff - are you planning to give an IR thermometer or a copy of HIP for an Xmas gift. Boy that is cheap.

December 20

Perfect suggestion I second it :slight_smile:


Make it so !**

I thought you were gonna be gone by then.**

We’re committed to making it the biggest Christmas party we’ve ever had. Thousands of great gifts.

I’ll third it.