What day should we have our online Christmas Party? Biggest event in the industry.

Upwards of 3,000 inspectors attend each year. Thousands of prizes.

What date should we have it?

December 11 :smiley:

December 16th

Every day

The 12 days of Christmas?

December 22

black Friday? I’ll bring my Afro-American express card

Anyone else care?

Any of dates above are good.

December 16

December 21st is a good day :D, Had a blast last year.

21st.-23rd. Christmas week. :slight_smile:

We had it on the Monday of the week of Christmas which was the 20th. So we should have it on the 21st this year.

I’m liking the 21st. Everyone OK with that?

21st sounds good to me

December 21st sounds good to me also.


Nope, can’t make it that day.


21st is good.