What do you guys think? (marketing materials)

Let’s hear it

That’s about mid range for my area and for a bare bones inspection.


Good point. I liked the tag though :slight_smile:

I’m raising the bar because I’d like to squash the stigma around home Inspections being ‘worthless’ or a waste of money. Sometimes this is due to inspectors taking advantage of the SOP, not ever walking roofs or entering crawlspaces. I’ve also noticed this outlook comes from people’s lack of understanding of the scope of a home inspector.


Good advice, I’m working on that next.

Thank you :relaxed:

The cost of an energy audit is considerably higher because it’s much more in depth. Blower door @cfm50, infrared and other diagnostic measures such as clocking the meter (natural gas) & ect.
Good advice, thank you.

Larry Kage, what’s your opinion on listing a starting at price?

Love the website! Nice work.

Are you clocking the meter to find a gas leak or determine the output BTU of an appliance?

Morning, Anjali.
Hope this email finds you well.
Bit of a long post, so bear with me please. PS: I was going to say bare with me but we just met.Lol.

We are all good at something or other, but I preferred to let InterNACHI’s marketing professional build my Business Cards and Brochures after my first effort. I tried myself, as I think you have, but realized at the end, after speeding good hard earned money and a lot of time, I was not completely satisfied, but you know men, I allowed my foolish pride to get in the way that was, well, you know… “Foolish Pride.”

I do not find you used the space on the blank business cards and brochures effectively. Truly.
Remember,… you only have one first chance to make that one first impression last, because it lasts a lifetime in most cases.
From handing out your first business cards and brochures, to that first meet and greet, that first handshake and smile, to that first social meeting with real estate brokers with your clients in tow, were you be doing most of your in person marketing, you want to be the most professional in front of your clients and brokers. why??? First impressions stick!

I am with Nick Gromicko on this. Personally, I suspect others would toss both the card and brochure in the trash bin. Sorry.
As for being thick skinned. You better get use to it and learn to reply back gracefully.

Recommendation: Consider consulting InterNACHI marketing team.
Allow them to market “all of your skills” both effectively and professionally as they build your business cards and brochures.

It’s free. Let me say that again. Its free. Once more…IT’S FREE!!!

As well, Levi is an absolute genius and in my opinion , “The Best of The Best!”
Then, let InterNACHI print those business cards and brochures and have them delivered to your door in record time.
Without a doubt, their prices are the best, and I do my research.
It’s a win win win situations that will have you looking your best from day one.
The rest is up to you.

As for pricing? I am in Canada, so the fee appears to be low to me as compared to what the condo average inspection rate above the 49th parallel.
You will eventfully come to realize a sustainable home inspection rate as you move forward.

Myself, I charged $100.00 more out of the gate than average competitor, while offering 20% more effort both at the inspection and building reports.

InterNACHI has a home inspection pricing formula app that I think is competitive and fair. Try this to start. How to Calculate Profitable Inspection Fees article by Nick and Ben Gromicko. Note the word Profitable.

All the best with your endeavors.
Robert Young

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If I were clocking the meter it’d be to determine the furnace was firing at the proper Btu.
Now Martin, If you’re here just to contest me rather than provide helpful information, please give it a rest. Thanks.

Good post. Thank you. I’m going to check with the marketing team and see what they can do.

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Although I did find your original post helpful, You’re right that’s a photo from the internet. There’s no shame in that but I need to take the time getting more of my own pictures.


I never did because I liked to talk to the potential client and “sell” them myself.

Or, tell them that I’m booked out for 2.5 weeks, or so, (beyond their inspection contingency date) or tell them that I think they would be happier with another inspector… (because I could tell they would be a problem that I don’t want to deal with.

But, you know your market or will get to know it and you can always make changes.


I agree with others on pricing, having a general location, and contact information up top and bigger than other text.

I wouldn’t put the price on there and I wouldn’t put pricing on websites either. If a potential client sees your pricing they have no reason to call you and you have no way to close the sale.

Besides the InterNACHI logo, I don’t see anything about your service being Home Inspections. That should be front and center.


I’m just asking the questions. I never heard of clocking a gas meter for a home inspection.

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I am more disturbed by the “present this flyer for $50 off” My goodness you are giving money away and you are now doing the inspection for $225. We aren’t in the inspection business to give deals, we are a professional service and deserve to be paid a fair price. We don’t raffle off inspections


I really, really like your logo! :grinning:


Hi Anjali,
you have been given a lot of good suggestions. Flyers/brochures are good but you need a website for clients to take you seriously. I agree with not listing prices and I personally never give a discount or agree to a reduced rate. Don’t under sell yourself!
Best of Luck!!