What do you have to say about this dislocated truss blocking?

“How big of an issue is this?”
-what i expect the client will be thinking.

How big of an issue do you think it is? What would the repair look like to you?


I understand they are for lateral support of the trusses, but i’m curious if that support was more important during construction, before sheathing and truss braces were installed?

Would you be able to just take those nails out, jam the blocking back in place and put new nails in?

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Some need to assess, then ask the question. That’s how we all learn. Trial and error…

i don’t mind the hard-ass professor approach :wink:

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Just pointing out you need to make your own assessment of a situation and ask if it is right or wrong. Don’t be afraid if it’s wrong. That’s how we all learn. :wink:


It looks like unnecessary blocking, probley put there during construction.


And I agree with you Scott.

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So, It may or may not be needed. Simple solution, just say that.

Loose blocking observed, unable to conclusively determine if the blocking was used as temporary blocking during construction or part of the roof truss system design. I recommend securing/fastening the blocking in place by a qualified contractor.

I see a bit of deflection behind. The blocking may have purpose after all.

Excellent, thanks Brian.

It looks like a hip truss. The blocking was most likely used to space the truss for proper elevation of the hip truss to maintain an even slope


looks like a spacer used during construction from Ohio …if that were engineered into the truss system it sure would not look like that…


Or shouldn’t look like that. :sunglasses:

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There are several ways he could take this.

  1. Looks like loose temporary blocking and not other deficiencies observed. No corrective action recommended.
  2. Not mention it all.
  3. Not sure what it is, recommend further evaluation.
  4. Not sure what it is, recommend repair.

I gave him option 4 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Knock it out and hide it in the insulation, LOl. :grinning:


yea i considered that, I just don’t want them seeing it later and wondering why i didnt tell them. figured it at least needed acknowledgment. its right at the access hatch.


Do not mention it unless there is a concern. You are just going to clog up your report and confuse the owner. Make a note for your records. If he ever calls, you have a note on file to yourself that you determined it was a non-issue temporary blocking.

It is not glaring enough in my opinion, even by the attic hatch.


yea ok, i like that.

Like Scott mentioned above, was put in while under construction for whatever purpose at the time.
Lateral bracing would be continuous and from the pic, are absent or not require by design.
That is a hip roof using truncated trusses. Lateral bracing would have helped to prevent the bowing we see.
Note loose blocking observed. Not your job to describe it’s purpose in the roof design.


yea, there was visible lateral bracing along the bottom chord.