What happens when a know it all dad attends his son's inspection!

Couple years ago I was doing an inspection on a vacant home a few days before Christmas in St Paul MN. They had the ext hose bibs still on. I told the agent to get in touch with the owners realtor to have them winterized ASAP as it was going to be -20 degrees in a few days. The dad said we can do that i’ve got an old house. I said no, we don’t take that responsibility. The owners take care of that.

They wanted a radon test done, I told them i’d pick it up on the 26’th as I had family coming into town. They said no, we want it picked up on the 24’th aka Christmas eve morning. Lucky for them they did a radon test, and I picked it up on the 24th. Walked into the house and it was 38 degrees at the stat where it had been 72 a couple days earlier. I quickly tried to get the gas fire place going, wouldn’t respond. Weird as I had it running the other day.

I quickly called the buyers agent told him what was going on. He said dang it, the dad and son went downstairs after I left to winterize the ext hose bibs. The agent and dad were childhood buddies. I went down stairs and found the gas main had been shut off 2 days before!!! $600,000 house. Know it all rich dad buying the house for his son and soon to be wife. They passed on that house, dad didn’t show up for the next inspection!! That was a close one.


It would be a very unusual circumstance where I was not the last to leave, knowing it all blows back on me.


I’ve been doing this for 20 yrs. Normally I’m the last to leave. As I said the realtor and dad were buddies. They wanted to measure rooms and talk. We all leave at the same time now. I use this as an example and I make it very clear no one touches anything.

Rex Kulla


So what you’re saying is, the “know it all dad” didn’t know the difference between gas and water pipes.

Personally, I always call and then text with a picture, the LA myself if I find a situation like that, being that I’m resposible for the house during the inspection. If “know it all dad” had broke a valve or caused damage, guess who they’re coming after.

Thanks for sharing Rex.


Great story and good learning experience. I’ve dealt with somewhat similar experiences, although not so quite close calls. Now first thing whenever I have anyone else attending the inspection (especially parents), before my walk-through I let them know they can’t operate anything as I’m 100% responsible for the property, while I understand they may want to, I insist. Nicely of course.