What is causing seepage through my basement walls? from the misinformation-network

:10 mark his answer, ’ It’s happening because the original footing drain has most likely failed or clogged up and is no longer working…’ No, hell no, wrong answer, misinformation in order to talk homeowners into an interior basement drainage system!!

incompetent crap, lies etc, that’s right.

The correct answers are…
–there are one or more exterior cracks in the basement wall (s)

–there is cracked parging on exteriior basement walls or possibly no parging was ever applied

–there is one of more deteriorated, open rod holes in basement wall(s) and if finished basement then you won’t see these deteriorated, leaky rod holes, sheesh

–there are exterior gaps-openings around a gas line or sprinkler system line or any type of service line that comes through the basement wall

–there are exterior gaps-openings around/under a basement window

–there are deteriorated bricks or mortar joints below grade, someone raised n sloped the grade up-against unprotected bricks and M-joints and one or more have now deteriorated to the point where water can now get in

–there are exterior openings on brick ledge that is just below ground level (see video below)

–and sometimes water can first enter above grade, above the basement wall through other ext-openings such as deteriorated M joints, cracked bricks or where there is a need to caulk-seal around a service line that enters the house ABOVE ground, sht like that.

ALL these exterior openings are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ABOVE the FOOTING DRAIN aka drain tiles aka weeping tile (pfft stupid) and water gets in THROUGH those and into and through a basement wall waaaaaaaaaaaaaay before water gets DOWN to the lousy ext-drain tiles

hairline cracks in parging block wall

dirt, grass WAS up-against the GAP, water first entered through that and ran down poured basement wall BEHIND paneling and was only SEEN on the basement wall… drain tile failed, clogged? lolol

GAP on exterior block basement wall is where water first-entered INTO the hollow block and was ONLY seen inside basement at your toes… drain tile failed? My azz

exterior cracks block wall, dirt, grass HIDES the top of these cracks and often these cracks occur on the outside of the wall, NOT on the inside… original footing drain failed? Total BS, LIE!!

Stupid, lying, scamming INT system co’s = TRUTH!!!

Poured basement wall, see where water first entered just below grund level
:30, :45, :55

The original FOOTING DRAIN lol, stupid bs, had NOTHING to do with why there were 1 or more exterior openings that allowed water to enter!!! Get this IN your head and pull the interior system lies OUTTA yer head

“What is casing seepage through my basement walls?” … Or seepage at the bottom of basement walls where the bottom of the walls meet the basement floor!

Take a look, block basement walls, 2 videos… one of the inside and one out, also notice some mold, efflorescence etc on inside walls (NO installation of any kind of INT drainage system and pretty new drain tiles would STOP the water from where it is entering NOR stop-prevent firther mold n efflorescence!!!)


Same house in Macomb, now outside view of ‘some’ of the exterior cracks and other openings - The seepage through these basement walls has NOTHING to do with footing drain, ZIP! idiots

and one more house, another example of the lies always uttered to homeowners,
one being " The original footing drain has most likely failed or clogged up"

Basement systems of Michigan installed junk here, an INT system and sump pump

inside basement

outside after doing a water test with a hose that PROVED, showed homeowner WHERE the stupid water is first entering and has NOTHING to do with a scamming need for an interior drainage system and sump pump and NOTHING to do with the lie “The footing drain failed, clogged up”, it’s nonsense man!

Some Helitech reviews… you may also want to eyeball some of the, “21 other reviews not currectly recommended”. pffft

first review in part goes, This company is an absolute nightmare to work with, after the SYSTEM they installed failed (sump pump and drain tile) our basement flooded 3 times…

another review goes, They sell a lifetime warranty that is guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship but they will not uphold this, instead they will try to sell you another costly repair…

Ummm, warranty on materials and workmanship HA!!! What about a warranty on no water coming in, no water entering through basement walls amd so on!!! YEAH, i know all too well how they operate, problem is homeowners don’t get the gist until they are already screwed over. More truth = too many building inspectors , some home inspectors, some realtors, some in the media and so on… are in-bed with jokers like this, YEP, they get $$$

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