What kind of roof?

First time I have seen this type roof. Looks like it is a “printed” roof. Looks like asphalt shingles but is only a thick as rolled roofing. Separate shingle parts about 24 in. wide. Black layer and then looks printed with granules. Most houses in this 'hood had these. Any ideas? Don’t even know where to start looking.

Found something that looks like it on an internet search. Looks like it could be Durolast from this site http://duro-last.com/shingleply.
Doesn’t look very high end, actually looks very looow end cheap.

The OP’s shingle does not look like printed TPO. It looks like a laminated asphalt shingle with just the decorative tabs adhered to the base mat. I agree, cheap looking.

Utah Roof Shingles- GAF | Elk Capstone


I see some roofers these days not lapping the shingles properly, not starting the first row per manufacturers instructions, and exposing the black granules that should be covered; all to save two to four rows of shingles. Appears not enough lapping to me. This can also cause the shingles not to seal properly, and fly off during a moderate to high wind.

Thanks for looking but I don’t think that is it. The Dura is a plastic based covering and what I saw was an asphalt based backing but the granules looked like they were printed on in a specific pattern. 3D feel and definitely granules. Told the buyer to ask the HOA since I saw it on several roofs in the 'hood.

I was typing while you were. Thanks. This is the stuff. Doesn’t look that good to me and seems somewhat cheap. But I can let the buyers know. thanks again.
Here is the link. http://www.gaf.com/Other_Documents/Legacy_Products_Discontinued/Capstone/GAF_Elk_Capstone_Lifetime_Designer_Roofing_Shingles_Product_Information.pdf

I missed the fact that they were only 24 inches wide, comes from not getting enough sleep last night. Thank for the info as well Roy and Greg.

All I can do is try!