What's the ideal vehicle?

Hi, newbie here. My present ride is an F150 Lariat, 4x4, looks great with a ladder, but is often seen at the pumps getting 100+ litre tank filled. I notice Mario drives a well-lettered Van. Does anyone have an ideal, fuel-economy vehicle, with winter capabilities? Whatever became of the 1950’s sedan delivery?

John Kogel
from Vancouver Island

In my estimation the ideal vehicle is the 1950’s sedan delivery. Find one, invest in the restoration and letter it up. No one who sees it will forget it and if well done it is most likely the best advertising you can do.


A Van [IMO] allows you to letter/design your logo tel.# etc. I know that some of the guys will disagree with me on this. They like the stealth mode. The way I look at it I’m a mobile ad for my HI business.

And BTW my Van is white with nothing on it until late March.

Does this mean you have a new van that hasn’t been lettered or does it mean you have figured out a way to remove and install the vinyl easily?

I think you’re van is pretty awesome Mario.

Are you calling Mario a van?

YOUR van

YOU’RE a van

Okay…okay…I’ve been up all night. I admit it. :wink:

Your van. Your van is awesome Mario.

You’re an awesome man Mario.


Sorry just trying to help…


I had my wife’s son design this logo in Oct. 2006. Our winter’s in Toronto can be brutal at times and I did not have the decal installed for that reason. I will install it in March and I hope I get at least three years of use from it. I think the life expectency of the vinyl decal is about 3 years.

Thanks Wendy!!


That’s what my wife tells me!!

The ideal vehical today is a sled and 8 huskies. Probably get around better.


Not sure, but somewhere I’ve read that some of the vinyls now should last between 5-8 years, you pay a little more . . . I’d check around, maybe in Toronto with the hard winters it might not, but we have the opposite, brutal summers at time (115F +) . . . just my 2 cents worth . . . love the van.

A lot of HI’s have a van or a truck because of the ladder. I decided to get a Telesteps telescoping ladder at the ITA conference, and now I drive an SUV. The only thing keeping me from getting anything smaller is the stepladder, which is a six-footer. My idea of the ideal vehicle would be the smallest one I could get all my gear into without sacrificing safety.

If I could fit my equipment in there, I would get a Mini Cooper. :mrgreen:

Hi, I drive a kia rio-RXV (like a wagon) but its small. I put the seats down and have a Little Giant ladder (17’ extension) fits right in with my tools.

Great on gas, great on payments (0% interest), don’t need a huge honken truck or SUV…


I use an Nissan X-trail. I do not use my vehicle as an advertising tool.

But my biz comes by referrals, reputation, experience, blah, blah, blah. I don’t even advertise. I sponsor local charity events under my biz name. I guess it depends who you wish to solicit your biz to. I think networking with individuals provides better referrals fwiw.

What Steven said but my vehicle is a Hyundai Santa Fe
Best vehicle I’v ever bought!


Vinyl letter last 6 to 8 years.
Decals last 3 years. This is what the printer told me when I ordered them last month.
I use a Ford focus.
My 4 section folding featherlite aluminium ladder folds down to 3’ by 1’ by 16" and opens to 12’ 0" stright and 6’ when folded in the middle. Cost only 150.00 fours years ago at home depot. I use for access to the attic and the roof. It is much easier to carry into home then a big old floppy step ladder. Rated a max 250 pounds.
Works for me.

I drive a 1950 Chevy delivery truck for my business. I get looks all the time. I’ve even had old guys use me because of the truck. Go to www.owenandassociatesllc and you can see a picture of my truck. Love showing up for inspections in it.

Nice truck!

Glad your not in ontario, your inspection prices would put me in the poor house. Then again the US Daller is worth a couple more pennies that