What's the ideal vehicle?

Hey, Doug if you see a little blue Kia Rio RVX, with a ladder and
inspection tools in it in whitby, I’ve come to play in your sandbox;)

Most of my banking is done down @ rossland @ Garden.


My Toyota Camry fits everything I need because of the fold down rear seat. Great mileage, very comfortable.

Craig - love your truck, can’t help but think you have to get comments all the time about it, looks great.


I will look into this, Thanks.

You know, I was half joking about the sedan delivery, but yeah that’s eye-catching. You must use the wife’s Mercedes for the Upscale market, I guess?
(I am well familiar with the Chev 6, as my first car was a '49 Chev coupe, a “business coupe” with the long trunk, lots of room for a folding ladder, too.)

Thanks, all. I guess a good start will shopping for a folding ladder, then go kick some small tires, eh?
Unless I find a '53 Pontiac sedan delivery first.:eek:

Chevy Astro van. Not too big. Lots of surface area for lettering ( my truck is my best ad’) Room to set up an indoor / mobile office. Full size ladders. Aerodynamics of a brick!

Asssorted vehicles of our Office…

Dear John:
My ideal was a caravan, I had 2 of them. Ran them into the ground despite regular maintenance. Good on gas, winter snow drove well and carried the largest little giant ladder.
Now it is a Sonoma 4x4 manual shift with a canopy. Ditto as above.

As an added thought, just walk thru’ the parking lot at an inspection conference and you’ll get the picture. Lots of styles and ideas.

Re the Corvette reminds me of a joke.

What do hemorroids, and stetsons have in common with Corvettes
Sooner or later every a*s hole gets one! :wink: :slight_smile:

Hi, John, have a look @ costco for the ladder. There are many knockoff that are very good.

I got mine from Sam’s Club…

17’ was only about 156$

and real little giant will run about 300$


I paid $99 at Sam’s Club for the “Little Giant” knockoff here.
COSCO 17’ 300lb. Cap.
It’s been a great ladder so far.

Hyundai Elantra. It holds 35’ of ladder.

17’ little giant, 13’ xtend n climb, 5’ step…


I like the Vette!!

But I don’t like the Idea of having an 30’ extension ladder on a mini van.

Steve you drive a long way to the bank!

I’m about 2 k from there

Yeah, I’ve wondered about the strength of those factory roof racks. Good for 2 pairs of skis, maybe. I think around here, you need a pilot car up front to haul a load that long, and watch out, pedestrians! :roll:

On the other hand, how can you get away with a 17’ folding ladder were most houses are 2 storey?



Yeah, I grew up in Pickering, Ajax, Whitby. Found a really good personal banker @ TD @ Rossland and Garden. With green card I never actually have to visit unless I am bored and need/want a drive.

Too far for inspections though, unless one of my agent friends out there ask. But 99.9% are in the simcoe county area.


Who the F.ck is talking about the roof racks you f…g idiot.