Whats Wrong here ?

Anyone see a problem here?

Mann 037.jpg

Handyman plumbing!!! Open J box. What is the flex vent for? That is some of the things I would write.

The vent was for the dryer!

Where the sink is located is where the dryer was designed to go.

I think Mr. Handyman put in a stacked washer and dryer.

thats the new J-trap being used DUH!

Also gotta love the open junction box with the exposed conductors …

Hey why is the glass always half empty?
Give the guy credit for using corrugated venting.

And the majority of its span in that picture isn’t crushed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good thinking !!

He was very innovative !!

The plumbing could have definitely been done better, but functionally, it appears to be just a p trap.