When Plumbing and Electric Collide

This was a bit disturbing. . .

The “installer” found a way to center the junction box (for a bathroom light fixture) when the drain vent was in the way.

I’m just glad that the fixture hadn’t been installed yet. . .



That scotch tape a pretty good insulator?..never tried it—:smiley:

Heck I’ve seen boxes ‘repaired’ with blue masking tape. Atleast make an effort. Jeezzzz…


It is always frustrating to have a vent pipe straight up from the drain, but WOW! :shock:

I have had to use PL400 to affix a pancake to a vent line. Not something I’m proud of, but compliant.

In this situation they could’ve just fastened a short strip of plywood across the back of the hole and screwed a pancake to it, overlapping the stack. Probably took them more time to do it the way they did.

The HO didn’t buy a pancake and he wasn’t going back to HD.