where did 1000 members go??


The reviewer(s) would point out mistakes that I made in the report i.e. saying something is not present and then giving it a good rating. I did not have to change my report and send back to customer as I may have made it sound. They simply point out inconsistencies in the candidates reports to make them aware of their mistakes.


Now that makes sense. Sounds better than your first post where it appeared that they mandated it, or else. Same thing that I do. It’s your business and your business decision alone as to whether you change the report.

I would however, strongly suggest that if any change is made by you (no matter how inconsequential or inconvenient you may believe it to be) that an immediate notice be sent to the client, fully explaining the reason for the change.

CYA :wink:

Thank you John. By the way, how come you’re not in Todd’s poll? :cool:

Erol Kartal

That was a preferred listing and involved payment to Todd. I refused to participate. :smiley:

I saw ASHI’s recent membership numbers at the meeting last weekend:

Members 3848
Candidate with Logo 191
Candidates 2388
Retired Members 118
Affiliate Members 106
Total of 6651 - or a 6.4% higher number than last year.

ASHI is doing better than fine and bringing in some of the highest numbers in its history.

It was only a buck.:roll::stuck_out_tongue: