where did 1000 members go??

Just finished reading my buddies monthly magazine from another home inspection association (that starts with A), they had an article about how they “lost” 1000 members in recent years, and are trying to find them and “welcome” them back at a reduced rate! (still kind of high) Gee, I wonder where they went?? Anybody else read about this?

Maybe they went for the $200 “one time only” membership into NACHI.:D:D

Works for me…

If it is ASHI and they treat their members the way ASHI north ( OAHI) threats the membership here I can understand why .
OAHI does not follow their own rules the Canadian Government rules and also the rules of common decency .
The OAHI BOD makes up their own rules and applies them any way they seem fit .
They do not answer letters from the members ,
They fine members for no reason and then wonder why they get poor turn out to the meetings .
NACHI sure does more for the home inspectors every where then OAHI has done in the last ten years .
I can sure understand why they are shrinking .
Roy Cooke … CMI…CHI…RHI… Royshomeinspection.com

Damn Roy, I love you but…:p:p:p:p

In states where licensing is required, many inspectors do not see the reason to belong to any association. This is not a problem exclusive to ASHI.

How do they fine members - do they send them a bill? What happens if the fine is not paid? Pretty weird - I guess we do have it good here at NACHI - I haven’t heard of Nick fining anyone - maybe getting them to buy the next round, but not a fine… just curious. :wink:

It was a program called “Branding” that lost those members.

That program is now history!!

Branded a failure.

RE-1000 members

Why don’t we ask Dan Harris? He seems to [thinks] have all the answers.

It may or may not have lost members for them, I don’t know that, but it seems their branding program was pretty successful, around here anyway. Lots of RE agents are under the mistaken impression that ASHI members are a cut above. They must have gotten that idea somewhere, I suspect it was the money ASHI put into it’s branding campaign. I still think NACHI should do more in the public relations area for it’s members. Let’s elevate NACHI by spending some advertising dollars.

How did they do the branding? with a hot iron?? (just kidding) no wonder they left!!

In many cases those of us who demonstrate good judgment acquired it in the course of exercising poor judgment; the key to life is to learn from other peoples mistakes. :wink:

My daddy always said:

A smart man learns from his experience.

A TRULY smart man learns from other people’s experience.

An occassionally truly smart man, but mostly just smart.

Most of ASHI’s losses were from full members last year (Michael Rowan says 1,400 but I say 1,800 in membership losses).

This was offset slightly by some gains from Candidates.

ASHI is now mostly an association of untested, untrained, inexperienced, unqualified Candidates (over 70% now). One could say that ASHI is an assocaition of newbies and be 70% correct. When I went to school if you were 70% right, you passed.

ASHI is a newbie’s stepping stone to NACHI, which has no Candidates: http://www.nachi.org/rigorous2006.htm

Emulate their success through your own, local branding program if you are convinced of its value. Localize it and concentrate the spotlight on you. It may have merit.

I think the only segment of society still hanging on to ASHI’s love for itself are the real estate agents who committed themselves to that same agenda and cannot, for the sake of their own reputations, back away from what they have been telling people for the last several years.

I don’t know Jim, it is not like the Realtor gets up and addresses an audience from a pulpit. No, they usually speak with folks on an individual basis. So, I don’t believe it would be very difficult for them to stop promoting one organization and begin to support another if they gained new information.

It is more likely those agents who are committed have had good relationships with those ASHI inspectors and that has most likely occurred in areas where ASHI has strong chapters and a public presence.

It appears that everything is local; I believe that growing strong chapters that work to promote both the association and the inspectors working in that area is the key to expanding business opportunities and having RE agents promote us to their clients.

NACHI is very good at promoting individual inspectors, I believe the next step is for NACHI to help in growing strong chapters that serve the local community, that is what ASHI has done and the reason they are supported.

Thanks for the opportunity to share this opinion.

Good point.


I know from hands on experience that ASHI’s candidate inspection reports are reviewed for compliance and accuracy. When I submitted my first fifty, six were sent back to me with changes that I needed to make. Who in NACHI sends inaccurate reports back to the inspector for corrections?

…so he erased “Erroll Cartal” and correctly spelled “Erol Kartal” on all six, and lived happily ever after…:wink:

Sorry, Erol. I couldn’t resist.

Whatever floats da’ boat…


Please, expand as to what ASHI required you to change.

Fortunately I have yet to see a report that needed to be returned for inaccuracy. (Especially with everyone using one of many reporting software systems). Now I will admit that if I see a glaring inaccuracy - let’s say - the inspector reported six layers of shingles and checked the box as the roof being acceptable, satisfactory, or whatever, then I would call that inspector and discuss it. But–

As a NACHI Report Verifier I would never mandate or demand that you correct it. I was not there at the inspection and I am not familiar with your local jurisdictional codes, safety issues, laws, etc.

I find it totally irresponsible behavior on ASHI’s part to mandate that inspectors change their reports. But then again --I guess the onus is passed on to ASHI if any filings or findings are made in the future pertinent to those changes.

Do you list ASHI on your E & O Insurance or do they carry their own on reports that they reviewed?

NACHI report verification centers around “substantial compliance” with NACHI “Standards of Practice”.