Which Little Giant is Best?

Time for a new ladder. I have set my mind to Little Giant. Now i just need to decide which model is the best.

Any thoughts from current users??

Type 1A

The one that says…Werner. Lot less money for the same functionality.

Yep! I have a Little Giant, 2 Werner’s and one from Costco. All Type 1A 300 lbs capacity. All other are flimsy when fully extended.

Have Werner it is great!

I like this one

The one not made in China

Werner is a nice ladder but the little giant is actually ten lbs less for the 26ft ladder.

The knockoffs are lighter because they’re more cheaply made.

some yes but not all. I also have a gorilla which is just as good as Little Giant.I use my extend n climb almost all the time

I got mine on e-bay. $179 for the 17’ model new in-box. I definitely prefer the rocker-levers that release the rungs as opposed to the spring-loaded J - bars. Those are finger snappers. I do believe the little giants are about 7 lbs lighter than the werners, and mine has little wheels on one end to wheel it around.

My 26’ LG has wheels. I can roll it around instead of carrying it.

Is your 26’ LG the ladder in your signature Pic, Frank? That looks amazingly small for a 26’.

No, that’s the 17’. The 26’ is about 6’6" compressed. Maybe 7’

This is my 26’ http://m.ebay.com/itm/130580745439?nav=WATCHING_ACTIVE
This is my 17’. Notice that it’s not flared at one end. So it fits in access holes.

I have found that the rivets on the fiberglass Littlegiants come apart at the locks. I tried to repair and even had new parts from littlegiant but after a couple of discussions with them I gave up on making it 100% again, my littlegiant multi-fold has been retired after the bolts I used to replace the rivets came loose. I love my sumostance but have switched back to the Werner multifolds. My Gorilla ladder has lasted years but is showing wear and will be replaced just because it is not as smooth as it once was. It is not worth having a ladder that is not 100%, 100% of the time. It just takes once to create a lifetime of issues.

I have three little giants a 13’ 21’ 26’ They all serve different purposes. Two of them I had for 20 years and are near perfect working condition. Occasional wd40 and it works like new.