Whistlepig Day

So tomorrow, Feb 2, 2009, some clown in a tall hat and high-buttoned shirt-collar is going to pull a Land Beaver out of its warm comfy bed and proclaim the weather pattern for the rest of the winter…:roll::roll:

The poor little Woodchuck needs his sleep, ya’ know.:slight_smile:


But nobody cares about the poor little Groundhog…:(:frowning:

Has anyone actually figured out what the legend is saying?

If the Whistlepig sees his shadow, he becomes frightened and goes back into his burrow–and we will have six more weeks of Winter.:shock::shock:

Howsomever, if there is no shadow he stays awake–and SPRING WILL ARRIVE ON SCHEDULE!:D:D:D

Check your calender–six (a little more) weeks from tomorrow is the Vernal Equinox…

Spring arrives on the VERNAL EQUINOX…

…so what’s the difference???;-):wink:

All this hullaballoo for…what?:mrgreen:

And, BTW, this legend came to the US from Germany a couple hundred years ago. Now what does German legend have to do with U.S. weather?

Methinks someone has too much time on their hands. So much time, in fact, that one would think it was thunk up by a home inspector on the INACHI message board…:roll::roll::roll:

P.S. Some of the above information was passed on to me when I was but a little tad much younger than I am now by my very wise Grandmother who learned it from her German Grandmother who migrated to the US from Germany around the early 1800’s.
So this is pretty much first hand–OK, first and a-half hand.;-):wink:

hey Jae, if you scroll up and down real fast his fur moves, how cool is that :mrgreen:

Hey Jae, where did you get a picture of Gerry’s next hat? :wink:

Found it in Gerry’s closet while he was at the opera…:roll::roll::roll:

That must be what he meant the other night when he said he was heading out to make the fat lady sing…:slight_smile:


and you were making such great progress in your sentence structure :wink: