Who Needs a Fuse?

Use of a bolt instead of a fuse…
Home owner told me he has never had a problem since he put that in.


That aluminum clevis pin has a low melting point and protects the system the same as a fuse. :slight_smile: …I’m kidding, I’m kidding!

Did you call it out for not having the proper cotter pin?:smiley:

Did anyone see the “Myth Busters” episode where they put a 22 caliber bullet in the fuse panel of an old truck? That’s good stuff!

Yeah, If it had a cotter pin, I probably wouldnt have written it up…LOL

Quote From Homeowner: All the electrical was done by a professional…

Well the damn thing kept blowing! C’mon.

Ya just got to shake your head and laugh to yourself about some of these idiots.:smiley: :smiley: .
Happy Inspecting

How about this one I found and had to replace.
Yup, that’s a piece of solder.


Nice. Even the bypass is blown open. What was it protecting?

It was a main in an ooooold fuse panel.
A new TD60 seemed to work for quite a while after that.