Who would you want a cash rebate from? Ford, Dodge, Chevy?

We got the Ford deal done. InterNACHI members now save thousands: https://www.nachi.org/ford.htm

I’m a Dodge fan

Ford trucks only for me.

I would say dodge ram better mpg

Toyota and I’m in. :wink:



If it was a 100% rebate, I may go Dodge, otherwise, Ford.

I just bought a ford. Will only own a ford!

Dodge unless you like non trucks lolol
GMC has had the most recalls

Mr all American buying Japan trucks. :shock:

Ford for me.

I will not buy from bailed out companies.

So that leaves Ford and I was not impressed last time.

Sorry to disappoint you. :shock:

Chevy. I guess you guys don’t like working on your own vehicles. I’ve always found Chevy to be the easiest to wok on, and longest lasting.

Truck ford… Car Chevy… first car was a 68 Camero …first truck was a 68 ford. :slight_smile:


Just curious why you feel a Home Inspector needs a Pick Up ?


Because some of us carry more than lunch.:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: just pulling your chain Bob