Who would you want a cash rebate from? Ford, Dodge, Chevy?

Had a 2002 F150. Good truck. Sold it to a high school kid with 165,000 miles. Got a 2007 Explorer Sport Trak, and it was at the dealer more than I drove it. Filed complaints, BBB, finally dumped it with 38,000. Had bad brakes. Never would stop right.

Got 2007 GMC Canyon. 118,000 miles, never has been to the dealer. Can’t wait for the new ones this fall.

229,000 miles on the F150 I just traded in for a 2011 F150 with the ecoboost.


I always said I’d push a Ford before I’d drive a Dodge. But now I drive a Toyota Tundra built in America and it’s the best truck I’ve ever had sooo hmmmm guess I’ll push it now instead :mrgreen::mrgreen:

No bail out, kept workers working throughout the last few years and have expanded operations here in KY. I have an 2007 f150 5.4v8
With 220k plus and no problems. A 1999 150 with 340k.
Thats my answer.
By the way … TOYOTA??? Nissan??? He said TRUCKS

Yes I know I drove a Ford diesel for years. Now I drive the best truck I’ve ever drove for its class but if I needed to go back to a bigger truck it would be a Ford diesel.

I’ll never buy another dodge again…loads of problems with mine. Its not the work truck (GMC), the family mini van. Crappy service from the dealer.

I’ll give a plug for the best diesel…Cummins! :wink:

I will have to agree there is no arguing against one of the largest company’s in the world, don’t think there in Dodge P/Us only as they make all diesels in all pickups in the U.S. and makes 73% of all diesels in all trucks sold in the world.

I have owned or driven Ford, Chevy & Dodge trucks over the years, but for the last 20 years Ford has been my truck of choice, all 4x4 vehicles.

Toyota and Ford are at the top of the reliability list. Chevy and Dodge are at or near the bottom.

If you can’t get a Toyota rebate, make it Ford.

I hate going to TOY’ department to buy a trucks though;-)

I personally like dodge but anything that isn’t chevy or GMC, I never have felt comfortable in them. But I don’t buy new cars so I guess this discussion is a moot point for me.


Agreed you might as well through money out the window buying new.

I don’t buy any UAW products. Might as well make a donation to Obama if you do.

Yes you’re right, it would be better to buy foreign built vehicles:roll: than support American built

Pay Attention


The UAW has given $24,000,000 to the Democrats, including Barack Obama just from 2000 to 2008. So you go ahead and buy a UAW product… but you’ll be making a direct contribution to the party of abortion and the homosexual marriage reelection campaign committee.

Bob has a good question. No offense intended to all you “real men,” but how does using a pickup for home inspection transportation make any sense?
I’m looking at a Ford Transit Connect.