why would an interior basement drainage company give a estimate of $23,000

that’s $23,000 for an interior water diverting system when the homeowners only get water on floor in THIS AREA, problems repaired outside for $2,350
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… as usual there were exterior-cracks, cracked parging in block wall that allowed water in so installing any type of interior system and 45 sump pumps would not have repaired the exterior cracks hence would not have ‘waterproofed’ the basement

INSIDE look at corner of block wall, see any cracks? Nope.
you’re getting LIED TO, you’re getting ripped off folks

Why would an interior drainage system company give estimates when the actual problems, existing-defects are on the exterior? Because they are incompetent and–or lying fraudulent cheats, that’s why

Why does Mark duh Bubber-man keep btttttch n moaning about it? lololllll because many homeowners are getting RIPPED OFF, helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllo!

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“CozyCosetta” has a review there! :smiley:


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Just did a 203K loan construction write up last week for a home with bowed walls and basement seepage. Cost to contain but NOT FIX the problem was almost $18,000.00

I was a contractor and construction worker for 40 years, I came from a family of masons and when I was starting out did plenty of labor work on foundations which back then were mostly block. Although I went on to be a carpenter my family had me install footing drains and on some foundations I filled the block with a mix of cement and pea gravel. We always waterproofed as best we could with an applied asphalt type coating and the perhaps most important the correct backfill mixture. I don’t know how well they performed but soon after I went to work for a production builder and we did not do drain pipe but we did a coating, backfill was whatever was left over from the excavation as well as broken block, scrap lumber and empty beer cans.

Back to the story; my client is having I beams installed to keep the walls from blowing in further. no exterior excavation. I could do that with a helper in a few days. $18,000.00 ? Nice payday after paying a couple of guys $20.00 an hour for a few days of work. This is for 2 walls. Maybe a half dozen I beams set into the slab at the bottom and anchored to the floor joists on top. This did not include a sump system either, that would be an extra.

Hello Paul, hope you’re well man. Dig your story. Yeah the money they scam from homeowners is ridiculous.
So do i have it correct? As usual, some interior bubblehead was hired to install some beams inside on a bowed wall… 18,000? Block walls, two?

If block walls then they are allowing water to continue to enter into, pass through the blocks and joints, NOT good! Blocks and joints can weaken thus causing the wall to weaken further, with or without beams or wall anchors.

Two videos, same house… one of the outside cracks etc and one inside
Outside-- see the horizontal crack, vertical crack… installing beams AND an interior system and sump does NOTHING to stop further water from entering into–through blocks n joints plus as ya know lol, clay soil/roots etc still acting upon–the–wall.
Have seen contractors install beams etc inside against bowed in block walls and the blocks BETWEEN the beams pushed in more, also seen some blocks disintegrate/deteriorate/crumble when they were not waterproofed on the exterior.

Inside view of same wall, they slapped some mortar on wall in several places including on–along the bottom of wall because some of the blocks deteriorated/disintegrated. So slapping that on doesn’t do diddley although it can make the bottom blocks, and pushed-in part of the wall, appear more flush eh lol

All’s well my Brother.

I do construction loan write ups, I do not give expert opinions. Having said that I see things I think are criminal but take my job. The contractor is at best stabilizing the bow from getting worse Here’s a picture from the same job.

There is a beam from the first attempt so many years ago, didn’t work then, won’t work now. They are simply putting in more steel, for about the same money you could dig it out and lay new block. I mentioned that and they said the contractor told them it would cost too much?