Wind mitigation inspection requirements for FL State

A customer in Brandon, Florida (east of Tampa) requested us a wind mitigation inspection. The house was built in 1991 and it has a non-glazed garage door that looks to be original. The house is not in the wind debris region. Per the 2020 Florida Building Code (see link below) this region does not require windborne debris protection on non-glazed openings. We spoke to the FL Dept Business & Professional Regulations and for this area (i.e. Tampa) it’s not required opening protection on non-glazed garage doors as per the following code.

I just need to check back, cause the How to do a Wind Mitigation Inspection course gives me a different perspective for the garage doors. :thinking:

IMO required or not, the observation is no protection on whatever openings.
Let the insurance carrier figure it out from there.
Nothing else I can do about it.