Wind mit question?

Does anybody know how to get a garage door with glass protected in order to get credit. I’m running into wind rated doors with none rated glass and am trying to find a means for the client to get them protected. Replacing that panel is often not an option because they’re outdated. I’ve seen plywood installed but couldn’t validate the attachment of them. Maybe fabric? Panels? Thanks.


Fabric or Panels works click here

I understand Fred, but those products are accepted providing they have the attachments in place that they were tested with. As far as embedment depths and hardware. It’s really not the product as much as it’s the attachment process that would be hard for me to validate.

Shutter/protect the opening unless the garage door installer has a panel he can replace it with. Replacing the door is the other option.

Panels are great options. As long as the attachment hardware is there you should be good to go

Thanks very much for your responses.