Wind Mit Scenario: Roof Shape...

Hip, Flat, or Other?
Ran into an interesting one today. Main structure is Hip in shape, left side and front have a small flat area. Flat area is connected to the face of the block structure (see pics 3&5) with framed exterior walls (it was a carport/front porch which has been framed in). So basically the whole exterior wood framed flat area could be blown down and not compromise the interior block/hip area.

Inspections 012.jpg
Inspections 013.JPG
Inspections 029.JPG


I would say flat because it is a living area not a porch or carport.

I would go with Flat as well…

I would have said HIP…good question though.

Flat, not a carport or patio. Enclosed living space.

What is the roof shape(s)? (**Porches or carports that are attached only to the fascia or wall **of the host structure and not structurally connected to the main roof system are not considered in the roof geometry determination.)

C. Flat Roof Flat roof shape greater than 100 square feet or 10% of the entire roof, whichever is greater.

If it was a porch or carport only attached to the fascia or wall of the house it would have been a hip. At least in my interpretation of the form.

From thos pictures is that " SMALL enclosed living space". There is no insulation and most likely no heating or AC…looks like enclosed space…but not LIVING space.

You could likely tell from the inside. From what I see when I encounter areas like that they are usually unpermitted additions or enclosed areas turned into a living space.

Well if they are not permitted additions, then are they legally “Living Space”?

I believe the important part is they are not Porches or carports that are attached only to the fascia or wall .

Flat from the other day

good looking house Bruce. how did the tops of those chimneys look?

Yuppers, you cant over think it. though it may have been a porch or carport at one time. it is not now. walls and windows.

FLAT< FLAT< FLAT< FLAT!!! That is what the guidelines states.
Always look at the black and white statements and you never will get in trouble.

I have been leaning towards flat myself, but I could probably make a case for all 3.

All in with FLAT.