Wind Mitigation Fee

How much are you guys in Florida charging for wind mitigation inspections? I have someone asking for two of them here in Hawaii and have no idea. House #1 is 1992 built 5000sf, House #2 is 1974 built 3000sf.

Hi Matt.
I charge $240.00. Not hard to perform but I feel it is a fair service fee.
Most will be around $100.00 - 150.00.
The desperate ones can be a low as $75.00.

Is there a state promulgated form there like there is is Florida?
Email if you’d like to view a recent one I did.

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Thanks Marc - that helps a lot. The houses are $25,000,000 and $18,000,000 so I’m not expecting much pushback with my fee.

As for the form, the insurer sent over the Florida one so it’s really kind of a mess. Hardly anything applies and I’m honestly not sure how to fill a lot of it out. I’ll shoot you an email for one of your reports. Thanks!!