Wind Mitigation Inspections for $75


In answer to your 2002 question, the only way any home will get a discount is if the agent processes one. Typically, if a home is 2001 FBC or newer the agent ***might ***enter in roof and shutters. But there is more to the discount schedule than that. More particular, companies that have not modified their data system are manually entering (at underwriting) the eleven topics on the 1802 and many times make mistakes doing this. The 1802 doesn’t contain l a considerable amount of info out. Compare the OIR 1802 to the State Farm WMI Survey. You’ll see what I mean. There are other carriers in which require specific door and window counts similar to the MSFHP forms.


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Interesting, the cheapest is in Michigan. “The Windy State” :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

We need to get together on this, (the serious inspectors) and get something going for the new year. I understand that there is going to be some openings because some of the WCE,s can not get the program correct. I have had a couple agents contact me to do a re-inspection (yes for 150.00) for their client.

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Keep in mind that it’s not just inspectors doing these inspections. GC’s are doing them cheap so they can market the home owner on “upgrades” to help decrease their insurance. Same with roofers. An ideal way to get in the door and offer their services. Use that as a selling point when someone questions why you charge so much more. You are unbiased. That’s a good thing. And then there’s always the money back guarantee. Does the cheaper guy offer to refund the money if the HO doesn’t save anything?

I agree with you. I feel that the MSFH program is great for the people who need it but when I go to a doctors $1,000,000.00 second home and think about the fact that my tax dollars are paying for his $150 inspection it frankly makes me sick. I think the program didn’t get the response it wanted for the main purpose - ‘To help Harden Homes for future Windstorms’ so they started going after the ’ Free Wind Inspections’.

Well said

One NACHI inspector is doing a 4 point and Wind Mit for $75.00

I know this is an old post but I was just starting my business when it was made.

I am interested in getting into the Wind Mitigation inspections. Can anyone give me some direction on where to get more information or training. Unfortunately I missed out on the MSFH training program.

As I understand it I meet the requirements. I have a Residential Contractor’s license, although it is inactive, and I just recently passed the ICC commercial building inspector test and received my certification.

The training is comming back

The progam is almost out of money.

Hey Nick are you out there?

MSFH is dead!

Time for a celebration!!

It would be great if NACHI took the lead now and did with wind mit what we now have with the four point!

Nick we know you can do it.


The state is having MSFH inspectors do some continuing education, even thought the program is/has ended. I assume this is to keep their name on the mysafefloridahome website. I have had a few companies call me to do these wind Mits, 4-point and disaster inspections. I currently will do a wind mit and 4 point at the same time for 150.00.

your leaving money on the table.


Thanks for screwing the rest of us. You are a credit to the profession.

There is talk of the program coming back next year. That is why the state are doing the training next month. However that is all it is at the moment talk

Whats even worse is the fact that he is probably paying someone 10 bucks an hour and throwing his name on it. Sad sad to see people of this nature even allowed to do business for the honest ones.

No one is allowed to just sign off on the forms, the person signing must visit the property.

Maybe this letter & exhibits (attachments) from a South Florida Attorney to multiple government officials may shed some light on the issues with My Safe Florida Homes, the WCE’s and the battle that is being fought to preserve our constitutional right to work while protecting the public interests and our tax dollars.

This was in response to a letter written by Florida’s CFO Alex Sink asking our State reps to revive the MSFH program.

Thanks to all, remember if you agree with the attached contact your State rep in writting and protest the WCE monopoly.

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I’m all for a class action suit against the state and WCE’s. I was certified and performed about 400 of these inspections and the WCE was taking 3 months to pay my company. When I began the collection process and calls to the WCE, they eventually paid but stopped giving me inspections. In fact , I was sent a nasty email stating that I could not do inspections unless I got them through a WCE. This whole prgram was poorly managed with no controls from the very beginning.

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