window label

what does this sticker mean to everyone?


Technically, it doesnt mean sqwat. just thats its MDCA, All Traco windows have that sticker. Impact and Non-Impact… If you had the NOA, it would have the impact approvals(for the impact window), or require opening protection. If it is impact rated, include a pic of the laminated glazing stamp and upload the product approval within your report.

I agree.

I agree. you could tell by tapping the glass that it is not impact. I sent Traco an email and their responce “impact products were made at the Brainbridge, GA facility. You can also check the glass. There will be a small label etched into the glass.” Interesting, I didnt find any etched glass.

These can be very misleading…

Not too long ago I performed a WM on a house where the people had installed new windows. They ‘thought’ they were installing MDC Approved Impact windows…Unfortunately, the were installing MDC Approved Security windows. Every window was labled MDC approved.

MDCA does not mean impact… just quality control. However, you can deduct that an opening protection device with an MDCA rating will meet impact standards.