Wondering if I belong?

OK Brian, now you’ve peaked my curiosity.

How does posting the FACT that the NHIE is a minimum standard exam with a low (easy) 70% passing cut-off score and is used by many states to license newbies fresh out of school… increase my income. Can you connect the dots for me?


Brian advises:

Good advice, but just remember that only 1 in 100 defects reported in the average home inspection report are of systems or components not installed to code.

For example: All roofs that were installed perfectly to code 30 years ago, probably have defects today… even though they were installed to code.

Knowing how to install a roof to code has something, but not much to do with knowing how to inspect that roof years later… and everything gets old.

Knowing codes doesn’t make you a home inspector just like knowing how to inspect doesn’t make you a code inspector. The two disciplines only partially overlap.

Could you give me a reply to my question about accepting Newbies for membership, when clearly you have no desire to help with something that is being required in more and more states, just because you feel its a waste of your time and materials.

Sure, what is the question?

What I am to understand is that the NHIE Exam is a entry level exam for Newbies,
and the majority of NACHI Veteran Inspectors feels that NACHI should not train Newbies for the entry level testing. Then why do you accept us for membership?

For I can better understand you Steve, I need to ask you a question:

What made you join InterNACHI in the first place?

First, I don’t know that your premise (“majority”) is true, we never had a vote on it. But hypothetically let’s say that you are correct. The answer to your question would be that InterNACHI doesn’t base it’s decisions solely on what the “majority” of members “feel.”

I joined InterNACHI after speaking with George from Bst Inspectors for 2 Hours. I was a member of another origination and felt there was a void in the education. I bought Georges software and recieved the membership.

I knew that. I may have done the same thing.
But anyway, don’t hang in the rafters. Get out there and bash some of these opinions. You may change someone’s mind for the better, or learn something in the process. Who knows? Just don’t expect too much in every case.

I find that if I make a post and get bashed by 10 inspectors, the one inspector that gets my drift makes it all worth while.

Jim B and I will likely never see eye to eye on this issue.
That is not important. We teach ourselves by responding to these opinions.
Jim will bash me and I him. We could be best of friends!
We just need to respect each other in the process.
Discussion is good. We can always take something good away from these discussions.

Sometimes we just have to turn away if things get too hot.

As for INACHI teaching the NAHI test, I don’t think that is possible or appropriate.
INACHI is about continuing education and inspector support…
Use it for what it is. It can’t be everything for every situation.

No Nick not the majority, just the veterans that believe Newbies have a place. Everyone was New once. REMEMBER!!!

Well then, I’d say the answer is almost the same:

First, I don’t know that your premise (“veterans”) is true, we never took a poll of the veterans. But hypothetically let’s say that you are correct. The answer to your question would be that InterNACHI doesn’t base it’s decisions solely on what the veteran members “feel.”

I agree, this organization is not a democracy. That is why members stick together and demonstrate on this message board to get your attention every once in a while.:smiley:
Sad but true.

Correct, for all the same smart reasons the USA isn’t a pure democracy. If we ran by referendum we’d be broke and out of business in a matter of days.

Mr. Anderson,
Thank You for your words.
You gave me information I will have to consider. I know were I stand in relation to your views and will have to make a decision.

Lets leave King George out of this. :smiley:

Who Nick, besides you uses this statistic? :smiley: ASHI?? ITA???

For instance, some things (like ESOP Committee) run like separate autonomous governments. Anyone that’s been around here long enough knows that I and others are not at all pleased with some of their decisions… but nevertheless InterNACHI honors those decisions.

The whole system works pretty well and can be credited for our dominance in the industry. We can move fast without being reckless.

Steve, the INACHI on line education and the INACHI test will prepare you for the NHIE.

bkelly2: I wouldn’t know who else (diploma mill association or nearly out of business has-been schools) in the industry uses InterNACHI’s statistics and wouldn’t care if they did or didn’t. Sorry. Not anything I track.