Would you remove this cover?

No to all the above.

You have my permission to put all the pointy headed screws back into the panel covers you want.:shock::shock:

Sorry you concluded that I was offended. You know that I don’t pay any attention to what you have to say! :wink:

Why wouldn’t an HI take that cover off? It is certainly readily accessible and He’d certainly have cause to investigate.

Would you remove the cover from a Fed Pacific panel full of loose stablocks? Many (myself, included) will not. Without knowing what is behind it, how can you determine that it is safe to remove?

The unsafe modifications made to the original equipment that can be readily observed is enough to call in a licesned electrician to repair or replace…no matter what is behind the sheet metal and drywall screws.



Why risk it when it has to be written up anyway?

The panel was over-sized James, so replacing it was easy, The drywall screws were in the drywall, not the enclosure.

That was actually (almost) my reasoning for removing this cover. I would have hated to refer an electrician to this, only to find that it was simply covering a hole in the wall.

I’m not necessarily saying it was the “right” call, but it was “my” call.

Yes… I would open the sub. Along with the obvious hazard of a FPE Stab-Lok, I would state that the cover should have been a properly UL listed panel cover. That’s if the buyer wasn’t worried about the FPE.


Can’t say yes or no one this one. I’d likely make that decision in the field. Depends on many variables.

How about this one?


yes, looks like the paint seal has already been broken, if not I just ask the seller if they have a problem with the paint line, it’s best to use a razor knife to get a clean break.

Yes, yes , yes… My policy is to remove all readily accessible covers. Including fpe, zinsco, and mystery panels.

I would remove it also;)

yeah, i would have to see what was actually behind it

I would have removed both covers, just out of curiosity. However, after seening the service panel, there probably would be no reason to remove them. Just list all the deficiences with the service panel with the comment to bring the entire system up to current standards (or code if you like that word).

Yeah, I opened this one too. . .


Saw this late but will join the party.

Since it is a sub-panel or Remote Distribution panel for you Purists,I would cut off the power at the main if I was going to remove that cover.

You coulda just let the foundation guy evaluate it for repair :mrgreen:

Yep. No different from any other panel cover.

Yes to FPE, yes to zinsco, yes to painted (oh no, Blaine uses a razor blade to score the paint at the panel cover) yes to home made, I even pulled a plywood cover once.

Like Jeff said, I’d hate to refer it to an electrician only to find out it was an open hole in the wall where someone was supposed to put a “sub panel”.