Forecasters are predicting a very actice hurricane season this year. Visit www.floridainsuranceinspections.com to learn how to safeguard your home. Also, if you are experienced in disaster restoration, roofing, or debris removal, contact info@floridainsuranceinspections.com to pre-qualify as preferred vendor.

If you want a really good deal on a wind mitigation inspection check with Mike You’ll have money left over for the holiday BBQ!!


We can always count on you to throw Mr. Meeker under the bus…

He can then give an estimate to repair the damages after the storm where he helped to strengthen the house.

Yeah, Dennis what do you think about the Evil Contractor? :mrgreen:

My stalker must miss all the drama from the past.:mrgreen:

Thanks for the Google Juice Linas.

He apparently has more than one stalker! Now I feel left out. Michael did you see that I agreed with you on a post recently regarding the new form? We don’t make enemies here, we have a liberal transfer of information. Sometimes our feathers get ruffled and as a result we fly off the handle. You should know. Grudges are worthless the information available priceless. I think your stalkers are in your own mind. Fact is you have provided instances for those eager to learn to do so. If nothing else the arguments presented by and against you were interesting food for thought for those new to this industry.

Any thoughts on the upcoming hurricane season? Any more hits on Haiti or Lousiana will be absolutely devastating. I wish some of the homeowner’s who are paying good money for a wind mitigation inspection, would take advantage of the educational opportunity of having me at the property.

Yes I did see it. I have no issues with you, you have your opinions and I have mine. Linas I think may be a true cyber stalker. look up all his posts and you may tend to agree. He even brings me up when I am not around. I think he may have a thing for Florida guys or something. :twisted:

Maybe it is Floridas turn. I do not think we had one land here last year.

nothing bad in so flo last year. well have to wait and see…

Mikey Sweetie,
Can you post naked photos of your fat a s s??? I’ll give you $50, that’s more than you make for a wind mit isn’t it??:p:p