You can't throw a dead cat these days without hitting a NACHI Education Approved Seal

Ahhh…now see…you have offended me…I have (4) cats…they personally came to me and voiced concern over this statment. I also hear PETA is mounting a formal protest as we speak outside the NACHI office as we speak…:wink:

Paul, I have to come to Nick’s defense, because he did not mean the domestic cat of which you speak. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “there’s not enough room in here to swing a cat,” right? Well it came from a seafaring era, during which time sailors were punished by being taken on deck, lashed to the mast, and flocked with a cat-o-nine-tails, because there was not enough room below deck to “swing a cat.” That’s what Nick meant, at least I think that’s what he meant. But, if didn’t, let’s sue him. Hell, we could make some real money here.

If I had a DEAD cat for everytime I heard that one…oh wait…sorry…My Bad

WHAT…Simon Bond = Nick Gromicko…hmmmm…

Hey I am a member of PETA - People Easting Tasty Animals …right?

True story I heard on the weekend.
A friend of my sister had a cat. She interrupted the drying cycle on the clothes dryer to get a shirt she wanted to wear to work that morning. In a hurry, she left the dryer door open. The cat sees the open dryer and decides this is a nice warm place to have a nap. A while later, her mother goes into the laundry room, closes the dryer door and hits start button to finish the cycle. After several minutes of listening to what sounded like a shoe in the dryer she went to see what the problem was. Needless to say, the cat was near death. They rushed it to the vet where it died over night.
:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


How were the clothes? Was the dryer alright?

Yes, thankfully the dryer and the clothes were alright.:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
However, they did get a nasty $860.00 vet bill.

Just to let you know, I’m a fanatical animal rights activist and was arrested for stealing leg hold traps… but probably the only one who is also an NRA member.

No I think some old actor is a member also Nick…You are not alone.

NACHI, PETA, NRA… Nick, I think you are a group-aholic.

I’m a member of 30+ different trade associations (5 of them home inspection trade associations) and I’m friends with many of their leaders. They all think NACHI is the tops when it comes to trade associations. I have to agree. :slight_smile:

In my little town of Nederland, CO (only a few hundred people reside here), until very recently there were two major non-profit organizations operating from here: NACHI and Amnesty International. I work out at Nederland’s 8240 Gym (named after its elevation) with the fella who ran a big chunk of Amnesty International until retiring this year. He is now restoring one of those old wooden carousels to raise money for those who have no health insurance. If I wasn’t so busy with NACHI I’d help him raise money as I was a successful fundraiser for a mentally challenged home, started a children’s school, and was a board member of free clinic I helped start (all three still in business and running fine).