You guys should be on Billys live meeting right now.

Join in.

Do you have to be a member of The Council of Men to join in?

Was asking for you.

No “The council of Men” did not approve it.

wELCOME BACK :slight_smile:


damn caps

Every time I see cap abuse I instantly think of your Mike. Thanks for making me smile yet again.

Okay! That’s it!

You must have a man crush on Linas. You haven’t had the ALL CAPS problem the whole time he was gone!

He get’s ya quivering, doesn’t he?!!! :shock:


Some of us work on weekday afternoons…just sayin.

So what is your excuse ?

I saw you posting at 1:59 pm buddy…:wink:

Had time off today myself and went shopping …started to slow down this week a bit.

Maybe it is a problem I did not realize I had :frowning:

Funny thing is I just thought of him the other day.

Yes you did. From a Hardee’s parking lot between inspections. :wink:

Hey, I did a 5 sample Mold Post Remediation test at 9:00 am, then a smaller 3 sample Mold with setting Radon at 11:00 then spent 1 hour with the techs at EMSL at their lab getting some more great free training tios…then was able to go to Billys 1st Webinar.

Was a good time, I actually learned something. That would be that I am now even more positive that HIP is the best software, at least in my opinion.


I am glad to see that Billy helped to change you mind. :slight_smile:

Yeah, more like reinforced it. Been using HIP for 4 years now, but always willing to look at and listen to other options.