Your government decides how many rounds you need to protect your family.

2 minute video:

Damn Right !
Good flick on that subject.

I am sure the producer of this video has his IRS audit scheduled for sometime next week!:shock:

This is why you need to practice!!!

Two rounds is all it should take and by all means get a real gun like a .45

Trench sweeper woulda been the right tool for the job.
But honestly people - who believes this is gonna happen to them?
FYI where I live the corner stores sell crack pipes.
If you holler boo at the junkies on my street they won’t stop running till tomorrow.
The biggest danger is to everyone who parties with their friends (for two days straight), after which stuff happens, but in slow motion unless you are one of the pary people.
Who thinks a bunch of wacked out idiots is going to break into a high end suburban home when all the lights are on and everybody is home?

Gimme a break.

Practice is important, but the 2 round statement is NOT true. If someone breaks in, shoot till they stop advancing. I have no wish to start a caliber debate, I happen to like the .45… but grandma can only handle a .380 and needs more rounds to stop someone.
Perhaps that was sarcasm?

Yes, A little sarcasm… But back to the video, which I believe was for larger capacity magazines and that wasn’t Grandma trying to defend his family.
How many .380 handguns have more than 7 rounds?
If you had a high capacity magazine would grandma still be able to handle the extra weight and shoot accurately?
I own both but have my .45 for protection in my home but I also have a 12 gauge and two rounds of buckshot out of that should put any crackhead down :slight_smile:

And if they fall out the door after you shoot them, drag ‘em back inside. Just sayin’

My point is (and I believe the point of the video) You have the RIGHT to defend yourself, and the RIGHT to choose the gun, magazine, ammo, sights, etc. The government should be given no opportunity to take that right away. If you feel 7 shots is enough for you, then stick with it. Don’t take MY right away.

Jeff Knight is oddly silent on this thread.

I actually agree with you but I also find the sensationalism of the video a bit unrealistic. Hence my comments.

I have not watched the video YET but don’t tell me what I can have and do.

I will def watch later.

It is my right to bear arms. No restrictions are noted in the wording.

I want the best I can get and afford and damn sure do not want to have to reload.

What I think I need should be my decision ONLY.

If you do not agree then YOU are the enemy.

That was my thought too. No sense shooting a pee shooter.
Size and penetration matter.

Thats what she says :smiley:

It takes whatever it takes for as many assailants as you need to deal with. Shoot until the threat stops. There is no government imposed limit to the number of people and weapons who can participate in a home invasion. I believe that most involve multiple intruders. I cannot think of any situation where I would fire only one or two shots. I’d have at least three down the pipe before there would even be a chance to assess whether an individual threat was halted.

No amount of bullseye shooting is going to prepare you for a defense situation, IDPA will help a great deal, but you had better have more rounds available to you than you think you need.

I would grab the 1911 before I would go for the subcompact 9mm, but my first choice would be a hi-cap auto with at least double the rounds of my 1911 in +P+ loads. Whichever firearm I could get to first would be the one I would go to work with.

As for the video: I wouldn’t leave my family sitting out in the open and I would most definitely take advantage of my knowledge of the concealed locations in my house. Why give up your greatest advantage, which is an intimate knowledge of the battlefield by taking them on in an open room? Catch them in a kill box like a hallway or staircase.

Two shots? Really? Tell that to these officers.


The argument was presented that there is absolutely no reason that a citizen in todays society needs to have access to military style firearms.

What they fail to realize is that at the time of the introduction of the 2nd amendment citizens had access to military style firearms.

one can not expect us to still protect ourselves with single shot muskets.

Times and technology change.

Chuck that is funny because I inherited a Kimber ultra compact 45 that I love and recently put 3 shots thru the same hole at 10 yds-No lie. I got the pics to prove it. open sights :slight_smile: If I ever get the crossbreed holster I ordered for it I will carry it whenever possible. Wife actually likes it also which surprised me but I recently traded my first semi auto hunting rifle for a Ruger P95 9mm that holds 15 + 1 in the chamber at a gun show. I had no good cash offers and thought we were both happy. thing I do not like is safty is a s s Backwards du to decocking lever but if you pull the hammer back or carry it cocked and locked the trigger is all right “not kimber like”

Wife has yet to shoot it and it is a bit large but I got her a pretty pink hogue handall grip. right now it shoots a little to the left. I’ll fix that. I think I am going to get the sun optics light laser for the front rail. cheap and likely good enough. It is what I want the wife to grab when things go bump in the night and I am not home. I think a light and laser are super important for nighttime work.

I have been training my mom and wife for some time and always tape over the lasers on the revolvers when they start. I kind of felt like a prick doing it BUT I shot at an outdoor range the other day and the laser was damn near invisible. so remember to teach and practice without a laser.

I may try to get a glock because I recently say the make a 50 round and that with light and laser would be great for the house. It was straight with a small drum. Real cool.