Well at least with what's going on in Israel, the gun control nuts here should finally shut up

Now you see why it is important for the citizenry to be armed. So can you please stop with the gun control crap now… and maybe even go buy one.


Exactly! I was just talking about this… With the constant threat of attack that Israel faces, you would think they would arm every household!
Similar to Switzerland.

Just imagine if every one of those families that were just slaughtered had an AR, with a man trained to use it!


Or a woman.


They were lulled to sleep with the illusion that their personal safety can be subcontracted to the government.




not about hunting


Lol… Disagree, full stop.

They do! Military service is compulsory for most Jewish men and women .

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Here is a bit of insight to their “right to bear arms”
(interestingly, the ability to speak Hebrew is one of the requirements)

And more:

In Israel, the usual personal weapon allowed are pistols with a limit of 50 rounds of ammunition. To qualify, one must be of a certain age, depending on IDF service, live or work in an area that demands extra security, not have a criminal record, and pass a training course and background check, among other things.



Exactly. With essentially zero recoil, even a properly trained 10 year old can shoot an AR.

Yeah, but. :confounded:


According to federal data collected by the National Center for Education Statistics, fatalities at schools due to gun violence doubled during the 2021-22 academic school year compared to the previous school year.

That is a horrible statistic. Heart breaking. No one of sound mind likes violence or supports violence in schools. You will find this be consistent regardless of political affiliation.

Obviously, adolescent/teen access to firearms is a problem. Combine this with a culture that expresses violence as a reasonable solution to problems, a culture of teen isolationism, and a culture of chaos where no authority is recognized; we end up with a powder keg.

You will find many conservatives consider the problem is about culture. Not the weapon. Whereas gun control advocates see access to weapons as the cause.

Is it a bit of both? Of course. One gun law I would support is anyone who does not secure their firearm from the reach of a child or teen is liable. For me, that is gross negligence.


Well at least with what’s going on in Israel, the gun control nuts here should finally shut up

The whole purpose of the “Gun Control” movement IS to disarm the citizens where they can be taken advantage of. It is NOT about reducing violence!



Since conservative republicans make up a minority in America the only way to force your agenda is at gunpoint. :thinking:

Only in America is the leading cause of death to those under the age of 18 caused by the use of firearms.


Did you even bother to read the article you posted?? Well I guess not since it doesn’t fit your narrative.

Jeez the Loony Left never gives it a rest!


Of course I read, otherwise I wouldn’t have posted it. I encourage EVERYONE reading this to read it as well.

Now get back to your RWNJ propaganda that’s had you brainwashed for at least the last 7 years that you’ve been posting about on this MB.

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The article specifies which is slightly different than your statement.

Among children between the ages of one and 18, and ages one and 19,

I am curious what percentage is actually 18-19 year olds since they are not children and are often involved with crime, gangs etc.

Regardless of this answer, the numbers are shockingly high even if they did come from the CDC (questionable at best knowing what we now know about the CDC).

I just see lot of disagreement on the causes and solutions. We never considered banning teenage drivers, it was a right no one wanted to take from society. I see a parallel there.

The article clearly states that the CDC has left out other causes of death which leads to the question how many “other” causes of death did they leave out and what were the totals from them that might well have exceeded death from firearms or as they call it “gun violence”? In easier terms for the Loony Left out there (you are not included in that) this study was manipulated to fit a narrative.

What I would like to know is how many of those “child” deaths were among “children” that belonged to gangs and were killed by “gun violence” related to their gang affiliations? I doubt they weeded those out as that too would not fit with the narrative.

Another issue is with where the CDC seems to get its data? The GVA site located here has a very different count for 2020 Past Summary Ledgers | Gun Violence Archive . Notice too how they differentiate in the overall count (children and adult) between violent deaths and suicides. Did the CDC bother to make that distinction in their supposed study?

Again the Loony Left will never disagree with or validate anything that fits their narrative!