4 Point Inspection kicked back

Hi everyone

Curious to know if this has happened to anyone.
I did an inspection last week (including 4 point) and the insurance company told my client that the insurance is going to be very high due to the patches on the roof as it looks very old. They said it looks like there was a chimney that was removed and patched.
I asked them where they were getting this information from and they said the underwriters pulled up Google Satellite images as well as Zillow images which shows some kind of patchwork.
There never was a chimney on the house, the flat roof is a year old and there was an addition to the house, hence the complete re-roof.
I also noted on the 4 point report the permit information and date the roof was redone. And of course the pictures.
Note the attached pictures - the satellite view from the insurance company and mine from the inspection.
Anyone run into this before?


The shingles in the top picture do not look new. Agree with the assessment on the bottom photo.

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Google satellite pictures can be ten to 15 years old or older. I just pulled one up the other day that said 1985 in the corner. Satellite pictures all have a date. Tell the insurance company they are full of sheeet. Tell the client to switch insurance.

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Did your 4 point include the required photos of the shingle roof? If so, that is what the underwriter should be using. You didn’t post that shot, only a pic of the flat roof.

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Looking at your picture, the flat roof appears to be new, however, the main shingle roof is much older.
Perhaps the old chimney they are referring to is on the front of the main roof where the patch is.
How old was the main roof?

Thank you all for your replies.
Just to clarify, the shingle roof is not new and was not the roof in question by the insurance company. The shingle roof had been resurfaced about a year ago and yes there are pictures on the 4 point report.
However the insurance were questioning the flat roof.
Andy yes, I realized the google pics are some years old. Just blown away by the fact that the underwriters are questioning current pictures taken by a home inspector and using old pictures from the internet as a reference.

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Also there never was a chimney in the house


Just curious, how do you know there was never a chimney?

The patch looks suspect.

Google Earth Pro has a history bar so you can view a property over a time line. Maybe you could look back and confirm the chimney was never present.

Would like to see your picture of the other roof to verify their picture.

That’s very interesting…I always suspect that insurance companies already know all about a house before they even ask for a 4 point inspection…but all you can do is report what YOU see…if they don’t like what THEY see then it’s up to them to decide if they want to insure the property…probably the insurance company is just trying to “maximize profits”…and want’s an excuse to do so…the buyer should shop around for different insurance companies.

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There never was a chimney in that house, but that is not the questions at hand. There was some patchwork done to the roof years ago before the flipper bought the house and renovated everything. The shingle roof was never in question but was resurfaced at some point.
I agree with Ray and feel the insurance companies are trying to get whatever they can.
I have had a lot of complaints from customers lately regarding their insurance hikes. So many customers are losing their insurance and having to find new companies. It is out of control.
My own insurance went up 50%


Hi I have been a home inspector for over 15 years and have been a member of InterNACHI for the same amount of time. I just watched a video of Ben Gromiko explaining that walking on a roof not required. I have walked on roofs my entire life but at 66 it’s not happening. I am more than qualified to tell you as much as I can about a roof, but, I am still not a roofer. I’ve have two insurance companies tell me that the four pt inspections in Florida require walking the roof. So, when I fall off, or damage someone’s new roof that hasn’t sealed or just fall through, who pays for that??? There is no verbiage int he four point or the Florida Wind mitigation report that asks for these pictures. Is anyone else having this problem. Home inspectors were never required to walk on roofs, this is a visual inspection, you aren’t supposed to take a chance of dying. We are not electricians, roofers, HVAC techs or plumbers.

Welcome to our forum, Stacey!..enjoy participating. :smiley:

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If you see the Citizens 4 point form, it requires photos of each slope. They need to see the roof, and ground photos don’t cut it. Perhaps you try a ladder at the eaves or some other method, but they are going to challenge your 4 point reports if they can’t see (clearly) the line item in question.

The Citizens Roof Certification form is the same. Pictures of the roof covering are not required for OIR-1802, Wind Mitigation.

You can always decline to do 4 point reports for your own safety.


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Yes, I do use a ladder, stand on the edges, but they insist I take the pictures from the top of the roof. I also have been reading the four pts and wind mits since they have been around. You really don’t need to act like I don’t. I do give them close ups of the slopes and the valleys. I do know what I am doing. I’ve been an inspector with InterNACHI for 15 years and have learned everything from InterNACHI and two other schools. Honestly, in Florida, you don’t walk on a roof that’s been in blazing sun. I wouldn’t even walk on my own roof now, or 15 years ago.
Thanks for your feedback. This is probably about the 10th time I’ve been on the forums here. I usually get a bunch of comments, such as the atta boy and so forth. I really believe some of you need a little attitude adjustment toward female inspectors.

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That is true, but I do all of the above. I’ve also found that every insurance company that deals with these has the same kind of problems.
Thank you.

This is the same thing I am dealing with every day. I am booked solid with four points and wind mits and they are finding ANY reason to kick them back. I’ve also had that problem with the old pictures being brought up by an insurance agent and then they tell me that the companies won’t accept ariel pictures from Google Earth or any other company that posts these pictures.

Agreed, and they are inventing new and obscure “reasons” to kick forms back, often on a pretext that the requirement has been in place forever (it hasn’t).

I can imagine some “underwriter” with a magnifying glass going over every photo looking for something to flag so they can avoid binding that policy.

FWIW, get one of those extendable camera poles (Eye-Stick or similar) and use that from the eave. It will appear to be from well above the roof, and you can get near the ridge with the thing extended.


I do have one of those. When I finish my work today, I’m going to definitely do a test run. Thanks, I can’t believe they are treating people this badly. I thought it was just me. Another insurance company just left Florida. I’m booked for the next few weeks.