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To all:

It seems to me that while it can boast of some high quality members, NACHI exists almost entirely in the person of Nick Gromicko. I submit that NACHI has already peaked and will continue to exist only for as long as it feeds Nick?s inestimably large ego, and no longer. He is to be commended for what he has achieved-I?ll quickly admit I couldn?t have done as much as he has, but like it or not NACHI members are following a man, not an ideal. When the leader moves on, what will happen to the sheep?

Joe Myers says that the history of NACHI is in Nick?s head, and unfortunately for its members, so is it?s present and it?s future. He tells you he has fought big legal battles for you (ever seen any documentation for that?), he spends membership funds at his own discretion (what member has had a peek at NACHI?s books?). What happens to your dollars after you send them to Nick? I don?t always like how ASHI ? spends my money, but I know where every penny goes.

Ever try to get two home inspectors to agree on something? But across our field and across North America, your educational requirements and offerings are laughed at-in those rare places where they?ve even been heard of. If a newbie can just pass that silly online test and cough up a few hundred clams, he or she will be placed on an equal footing with seasoned veterans. Why is it that more experienced inspectors don?t have a problem with that? NACHI will attract the newcomers for this reason, but when they gain more experience, they?ll move on, and up.

He has invented a war between competing organizations and convinced you he will win it for you. I promise you that at least 80% of ASHI ? members and candidates have never even heard of NACHI, let alone declared war against its members. It's probably a similar ration at NAHI. We?re all just a couple of fleas on the real estate dog, too busy working to bother much with the other There is no war and you will not win it. Nick will make noise about it until it stops amusing him and declare a benevolent truce. Just keep sending those checks.

A marketing champ, no doubt. Look around you. He has convinced you all that your better off sending him a few hundred dollars (to be used at his discretion) and following him through these murky and dangerous inspection waters to prosperity. The people in NACHI are the same as everywhere else (good, bad, and ugly), but this organization is fluff and will scatter when the wind picks up.

If the forum is any indication, there are loads of members who believe what they read, and aren?t bothered by an utter lack of evidence. When the smarter members start looking critically at who actually runs NACHI, how, and why, they'll never watch The Wizard of Oz the same way again. The man behind the curtain will disappear once he's been seen.

Why is it so easy to join NACHI? Because if it was difficult who would bother? If this group had a real test, real continuing ed requirements, and meaningful membership designations, it would have fewer members, but more respect.

Ask yourself this: What will NACHI be when Nick ultimately moves on? I bet that day comes sooner rather than later.

I?ve been doing this for 17 years, and have never held another full time job, so the HI business is hardly new to me. I have a lot invested in my business and this field. I figure that if I joined NACHI, it would likely point some business in my direction, but when I was offered a free membership, like so many others, I declined. Why do you suppose that is? I simply looked at it as a business decision and the liabilities do not outweigh the benefits.

I hope someone takes a minute to email me in a year and tell me if I'm wrong.

Jim Morrison
Lancaster, MA

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Hey Jim,

I suggest you insert your pointed head deep into the nearest commode and flush three time to see how it works.

Mike Rose
Cornerstone Home Inspection Co. LLC
Lawrenceville, GA


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Quite an interesting post!

Not that I buy into all that you have said, there is a skewed view on this position.

There are several individuals behind the scenes that make this organization successful as well.

Every organization has to have some roots, albeit not perfect.

There is a great camaraderie among the people who sign onto this site be members or not. The fact that Nick is leading the way does not mean that it will fall apart if he were to be beam up to the home planet tomorrow. (captain Kirk)

I agree that there should be a kept financial statement for members to view. This is a great way for you to stoke your fire, go to the pockets and you'll always get a rise out of people.

I do agree that Nick is a go-getter, and that is good. There are hundreds of others that are also interested in this organization surviving. Just because they are not iun the lime light doesn't mean that others are not involved. Maybe you point out some valid concepts that can be expanded upon and we thank you for that. In an essence you are an allie helping with a direction for us to measure up to.

I admire the fact that you use your real name. (if it is.....I don't know for sure, but I don't doubt it)

Rather than point out the skepticism in the organization, you fail to point out the faults of ASHI and others. They all have issues and finances are a part of each one of them. So what do you get for your money when you join ASHI? Recognition and that's about it.........

I believe there are many here who will post relevant clear thought's in regard to your attack. I hope they just make us stronger, which I suspect they will.

Bob P..
( Hey Russel....I'm anxious to see your dialogue on this one.....warm up those computer keys it's going to be a long thread)

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You know I also thought that this was an interisting post.

Now sit back and think about it for a moment. How did ASHI come to be? How did the United States of America come to be?

It ALL began with ONE PERSONS IDEAS. This person then told HIS THOUGHTS to another. Then they in turn told others. Before you knew there were MANY PEOPLE that wanted the SAME THING.

They then went on to be organized. It has to begin some where.

ASHI did not begin over night. Nor will NACHI.

Mr. Morrison, I believe that you are trying to stir things up in order to rock the NACHI Ship. There were others that tried to stir up things in the beginning of this Country, (Benidict Arnold). If you personally have no use for NACHI then go your way.

This Ole House-Home Inspections
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Jim, What is your motive?

Are you doing this because you want to be a do-gooder and help people see what you believe is a scam?

Do you want to try to discredit an organization to make the one that you support seem to be the best?

Are you just insecure about what organization your in and what your dollars do for you?

Are you fretting over the possibility that you paid to much to join another orinization?

Do you believe that ASHI or who ever should be a monopoly and all others don't have any validity?

Some how I see a streak of jealousy in your comments. You seem to have been disappointed that an organization is striving to co-exist in your world. Who knows maybe there are reasons of personal gain by some. It is a free world and as long as people do as they say and it is an open gain then we support it. As the organization grows and time moves forward I'm sure Nick will find other endeavors. Does that mean that NACHI will fold? I doubt it.

Many of organizations and companies were started and sold by entrepreneurs who had an idea. They later felt the momentum was enough to keep going and walked their separate ways. That's not a bad thing. Some times it's a good thing. I'm happy we have some one who wants to be involved so deeply. I myself would be dedicated also if it were my baby. I would volunteer in a heart beat to help this organization move forward because of the freedom it offers to grow and be heard. The ability to converse with similar individuals who can help or be helped by each of us. That's a good thing, not a bad thing.

My suggestion is for you to stick around. Chime in every now an then. Give us pointers on what you think are issues that bug you. They might be issues that bug some of us also and maybe some are afraid to voice them. This is how we deal with change and growth.

I received a picture yesterday of a hand-gernade with a number one on the pull-pin. Above was a sign: COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT: Take a number.

That seems to be how many organizations run there ship including ASHI.
I have joined this group because people can voice a say and the members address it openly. I would like to see a separate post for issues and votes. Who knows maybe this will happen. But at least we are together supporting one another, not attacking others so we feel better about our selves.

So, What is your motive?
(Maybe you'll joint too, but your not sure yet....take your time, you decide when your ready)

Bob P. (Take a number, you'll be heard)

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Jim, I had read some of your earlier posts and actually had developed some respect for some of your views. But i have now lost it after seeing your spiteful nature. I say, If you aren’t interested in being here and participating, fine, get the hell out. We don’t need you. We all say things when we get in heated debates on issues. You are not doing that. You have an agenda, though I am not sure what it is. You are welcome to express your views, but you don’t want to discuss an issue, you want to make accusations and personnal attacks. I for one am offended.

Daniel R Frend


The Home Inspector Store


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Jim’s a smart guy and to regard his post as spiteful or malicious would be to disregard the relevance of it. Like it or not the question of motive or ethics lies here in the NACHI world.

I too would like to see the books. A line by line accounting of all income and all expense. Legal and professional fees paid to individuals and corporations. Nothing to hide, nothing to lose from full disclosure.

It all boils down to credibility and I believe that for NACHI to be credible and uttered in the same sentence as ASHI or NAHI there can't be a shepherd.

A board of directors should make all financial decisions.
Accounting should be public.
All conflicts of interest should be disclosed.
All offices should be held only by election.

I was poised to join NACHI, but then Nick paid 907.00 to a member to co-op mouse pads. You folks might see that as being helpful, but I see it as a blatant misuse of the org's money... the org's money, not Nick's. After that happened I decided to wait a while to join.

Some of you may or may not know it, but NACHI isn't held in the highest regard by your peers even the non ASHI members. I'd like to be considered as serious professional, not as someone who joined the easiest association to get into.

ASHI's standards are in state laws across the country not only because they lobby, but because the standards are set high enough to mean something. I had to pass the NHIE before I could get E&O. NACHI's requirements don't even come close and please let's not dilute this thread with the "online test" thing. Mail a check, you're in.

To whose advantage is the low bar for entry to NACHI? Believe it or not it's really not to the advantage of the org. because until NACHI sets some meaningful requirements to join it'll never be one of the big boys. Oh sure, 5.5 million hits last month. I did the math if 1% of the hits resulted in inspections that'd be 27.5 inspections for each member. If 1/10 % (that's one in a thousand) turned into a sale that'd be 3 per member per month. Did each of you get your three from this site?

I hereby proclaim that I have no agenda. None. I like a lot of you folks and enjoy spending some time here each day. I learn and often laugh when I come. But until NACHI acts like a non profit org., I'm not in either.

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Did I get my three? Actually since joining 6 months ago I have gotten more than 50 confirmed from findaninspector.us. In short, My my membership payed for itself in just one day to be exact.

Daniel R Frend


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Some good points there Chad. Now:

What organization do you belong to?
Do you earn a living performing home inspections?
Have you ever belonged to any home inspection organization?

What are the requirements to become a HI in your state?

What organization will help you the most to get started?

don't answer with questions, just answer the questions and I will provide the follow-up.



Jeff Remas
REMAS Inspections, Inc.
Northeastern PA & the Poconos


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Hiya Jeff,

I joined IHINA because I believe the Realtor/inspector relationship as it exists currently has huge potential to be detrimental to the client.
I consider this affiliation more of a relationship with other like minded people, it's not a marketing aid..in fact it probably hurts me. IHINA was even easier to join than NACHI. I know that we're all honest, but if we're hungry we might over look a flaw for the person that gave us the referral. Certainly no one that I've spoken with here would do that, but the conflict should be eliminated.

I'm still earning a living at other things but have finally begun doing inspections. There aren't really any requirements in NY to be an inspector, but there is some legislation on the back burner.

I honestly believe NACHI out of all the choices would be the most help getting my business off the ground. Of all the organizations, NACHI is as I've said before, a promoting machine. But for now NACHI doesn't "fit" me, and honestly I think I'd be so universally despised after a year that it'd be unhealthy and non productive for everyone.

Don't take the observations Jim made or I made as an attack. For my part at least, they weren't. My knowledge and experience (or lack of either) in life may predispose me to see things from a different angle than
you or Jim Morrison. Sometimes everyone benefits from an outsider look in. I think that's what Jim was trying to provide. I know that's what I'm trying to provide.

I won't answer questions with questions. I'm too arrogant for that.

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Jim just keep telling your self that if it keeps hope in your heart. The reason I choose to join NACHI and not one of the Ogs you mentioned is because they offer their Inspectors nothing but a label. To tell you the truth I’ve never had a realtor ask who I was affiliated with maybe they don’t care. They want to know what kind of report you use and your background. If you guys are having a hard time keeping or getting new Inspectors have them come over here and let them see what they are doing wrong. It may be to late already now all you guys can do is try to imitate NACHI.

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Chad, nice website

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I don?t always like how ASHI ? spends my money, but I know where every penny goes.

Obviously our money goes to the"NACHI Experience". We just don't know what the hell that means yet!!! ![eusa_think.gif](upload://lNFeGuTetUAtwNVgUSOuUzgrGGK.gif)

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I would post something in reply to Mr Jim Morrison but I do not think that I can or will stoop to his level of bashing and insulting people…

With that said have a good day everyone!!!


If you dont have time to do it right the first time, When will you have the time to go back and fix it?

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Kevin we both know my website just sucks. It’s being done by someone w/ talent as we speak. I’m sure it’ll still be just mediocre after that.

Sadly Kevin, I actually paid to have that site built and I’m embarrassed about it. To be fair, I needed it built in three days to take advantage of some national exposure that my company received. Lots of things don’t go as planned and that website is one of them.

My crappy website really has nothing to do w/ the thread, except to illustrate when sarcasm or critcisms are directed at some people they acknowledge the flaw and fix it.

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I also haven’t been asked what org. I belong to.

I think people have a better idea of what this org. is about. NACHI informs you of what is required from you. People can get on the open chat rooms to ask questions, see what type of people are in the org., Go to open meetings. If this org. is in trouble, then time will tell. For now, it has helped a lot of people that maybe some other org. would not be able to do.

Any other org has their own problems and had problems in the past.

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NACHI is far from perfect as am I.

I'll try to briefly reply to some criticisms though. We are improving every day.

We are not an inspection school (and no I don't own any schools on the side) so we won't ever have our own continuing education. What educational tools we have online are free to all. You need not be a member. You need not pay. We are working on a list of approved continuing education courses.

We are coming out with a new exam. Much harder. Longer than the NHIE. Proctored.

I'm not 100% satisfied with http://www.nachi.org/membership.htm but we keep working on it.

We are working on at least 40 other projects. Some of them are listed at the very bottom of http://www.nachi.org/benefits.htm

We do try to split the cost of any shared advertising. Today I wrote a check for $750 to buy a booth at the REALTOR's conference in MD and 2 of our members have agreed to man it. Decisions like this are mine to make as Executive Director, and I make them with NACHI's best interest in mind.

A non-profit can pay its Executive Director anything it wants. We are not a registered charity like the NACHI Foundation. NACHI could give me every dollar of dues that comes into NACHI. There is no limit set by law. I have stated several times on this board what my salary and benefits cost NACHI.

When we started out NACHI was criticized (correctly) on about 200 different issues. I'm pleased to see its down to a handful, that we are working on that handful, and that the critics are now grasping at intangibles like Nick's personality. It shows we've come a long way and credit goes to the membership, not me.

I saved emails from guys like you Jim from several years back:

Some said "NACHI won't get a post on that new message board" That was 27,000 posts ago.

Some said "NACHI won't get any members outside of PA" That was 50 states and 14 countries ago.

Some said "NACHI won't get anyone to take your online exam" That was 16,000 exams ago.

Some said "NACHI won't get any ASHI members to join" That was hundreds of ASHI/NACHI members ago.

Some said "NACHI won't get any local Chapters formed" That was 40 local Chapters ago.

Some said "NACHI won't get any hits on NACHI.org" That was 20 million hits ago.

Some said "NACHI won't offer any benefits to members" That was http://www.nachi.org/benefits.htm ago.

Some now don't know what to say.

I agree that the position of Executive Director is a key employee position and a very public one. But I think Chris Morrell is by far NACHI's number one key employee... so drive slow Chris! I'm very replaceable. We could turn this position over to Dave Bush or Gary Johnson or any one of our guys who are good organizational managers and NACHI would be fine... maybe even better. Chris however is not so easily replaced.

You are correct about my big ego.

Onwards and upwards!

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Your affilliation with Dennis R's association tells it all. He cannot stand the fact that NACHI realized the role that realtors play in the inspection world. Dennis is like a diode, one way. He does not like inspectors who solocit business from realtors, nor does he like orgs that do not support his views. So, it it no shock to me that you swipe at this org. But then agai, who cares what you think.

To Jim,

Thank you for pointing out those helpful tidbits. I'll build Nick's gallows tomorrow... NOT. I've said it fromthe beginning; you have had an agenda from the beginning. This post proves it. It serves no purpose than to detract NACHI from the tasks at hand. What our members do, or do not do, should not concern you. You are not a member, and have no stake in this org. Your post is destructive, to say the least. I have seen your org try and control this industry, all in the name of "consumer protection". We both know that that's a load of bull. It's about MONEY. You know it and I know it. Thin the herd. COntrol the industry. Yadda-yadda-yadda. Nothing new there, my man. Nothing new.

Thanks for all the insight, guys. Dont know how NACHI would survive without the both of you. ![icon_rolleyes.gif](upload://iqxt7ABYC2TEBomNkCmZARIrQr6.gif)

Joe Farsetta

Illigitimi Non Carborundum
"Dont let the bastards grind you down..."

Originally Posted By: Nick Gromicko
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Jim & Chad:

You just have no idea how much some members like Joe Farsetta and others work to square up this association because you can't read the members-only section. We are aware that our growth rate caused a few things to unravel but if you could see the members-only sections you'd realize how many members are giving their heart and soul into trying to keep us on the right track.

Lot's of growing pains and some heartache.

We're all just human.


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Ok. So I’m a pointy headed, know-nothing, rabble rouser. (I left out Benedict Arnold because he was a well-respected military leader-turned-traitor, and I don’t really think that’s what Will meant).

But after a full day of folks cruising through this thread, people have made their thoughts on me clear, but responded to very little of what I said.

Where are the replies like:

"Nick is a worthy trustee of our roughly 1/2 million (1772 members X $289 apiece) membership dollars. I'm sure Nick spent each dollar judiciously and in the best interest of members without a thought for himself"

"Do you live in a box or something Jim? NACHI is internationally respected because of our committment to the very highest educational and ethical standards."

"Nick is winning the war against ASHI and promoting us all because he loves all home inspectors, but especially NACHI members and he'd do anything for us and always will."

"Sure Nick tells us just what we want to hear and blows sunshine at us from morn til night, but that's not just to keep us in line (behind him), it's all the dead-honest truth."

I'm no do-gooder. Almost half of the nasty things said about me thus far are probably true. There are just two reasons for this thread:

1) All NACHI members are being properly hosed. Maybe some don't care for one reason or another, but many more do. It bothers me, so I spoke up.

2) I'm also a bit of an egotist and I wanted to be the first to say it publicly, therby claiming the rights to holler "I told you so" at will when it all comes to light.

Calling me an idiot and questioning my motives probably makes a few people feel clever and brave. But consider this: If the books were made public under a bright light, that'd go a long way towards NACHI's credibility, and would prove me at least partially wrong.

Ready to walk the walk?,