Reviewed by Michael J. Meeker

I was recently given the opportunity to review:

I found this book to be one of the finest I have ever read on the topic of marketing and how to run a successful Home Inspection Business.

I am a Florida Licensed General Contractor and a Florida Licensed Home Inspector.

It provided me with a huge amount of insight on the proper way to do everything from start to finish in running a Home Inspection Business. The book is a MUST read for anyone considering becoming a Professional Home Inspector and anyone who wants to get a grip on the many different ways to run and market that type of business. I found it to be a easy read that kept me coming back for more as I knew each time I picked it up I would learn something I had not known previously. I started in the Home and Insurance Inspection business after a lifetime in the construction industry in South Florida. Nick has simply given all a complete road map to success. I wish I had read the book before I had even considered starting off in the inspection industry. The book allows the reader to literally earn from thousands of others inspectors trial and error methods of starting their businesses. I had thought I would simple pass the book on to another InterNACHI member when I was done to pay it forward a bit but the information contained is far too valuable for me to just give away. I was amazed at just how many pages I have folded the corners on so I would remember to go back and take another look at those areas. It is now a permanent part of my business library.

If you are considering joining the Home Inspection Industry or just want to learn a great deal about setting up just about any type of customer service related business I cannot recommend this book enough. I has given me a great amount of knowledge I did not previously have and if I did there are not many things I would have done the same in starting my Home Inspection career.

As one of interNACHI famous taglines states Done Once, Done Right the same should go for starting or fixing your marketing aspects of your Home Inspection Business. There is just too much info to speak of in such a short review. Every chapter is full of priceless info from legal methods of doing things and why you should do them as explained to outside the box methods of expanding your business beyond your likely wildest dreams. I would be greatly surprised if anyone who took the time to read this book from cover to cover had anything bad to say about it. It was a great and inspiring read that lets you know how and why to do things and just how far you can take this incredible career if you love it as most involved with it do. It is almost endless in how far you can take it and what you can achieve. If you follow all the advice in this book you almost cannot fail. I believe you can truly accomplish any goals you have as long as you give it 100% percent of your effort and try everything you can learn from this book. Heck you would probably be quite the success if you just implemented 50% of what Nick has recommended.

If you have any questions or comments I will gladly answer all I can as quickly as I can. I can be reached at mike@meekerindustries.com or 954-922-0584.

If you have a Book or Product you would like me to review for you or your company, please feel free to contact me anytime.
Best of luck to you all,

Michael J. Meeker

Florida Licensed General Contractor
Florida Licensed Home Inspector

Can someone tell me how to edit the title? OR can you NACHI GUYS JUST REMOVE THE BY ME PART IN THE TITLE.

It looks like I am saying I am the Author and I do not wish it to appear that way.

It is Nicks work and I do not want to appear to be taking credit for something I could in no way write.

Thanks in advance.

We understand Mike. Thanks so much for the free review.

I am just starting to read the book…I think Nick did it ALL wrong…but that is just my 2 cents. This is a book to read…BORING…I think he should have made it a WORK book. A book with directions on what to do.

I am in the process of re-writing my Mission statement. Would be awesome to write in right in the book! I could keep record of everything right there. I can go step by step…

Maybe a digital copy could do that…but that is just my idea…Since I have written a whopping ZERO books that have sold ZERO…what do I know?

No problem anytime.

I enjoy learning and sharing my opinions.

Thank you for the opportunity to do so.

I know that it is available in PDF that is your digital copy you wish and there is nothing you cannot do with PDF’s providing you have the right software.

I would be interested once you have finished the book if someone with your vast knowledge of the Home Inspection Industry learned anything new or if there was anything you would have done differently had you read the book BEFORE starting your career in the Home Inspection Industry?

Michael I am the anomaly of the industry.

I knew the severity of what I was getting into. I had a mentor with me for a year. He taught me everything he knew at the time. So it is not like I was, fresh off the boat.

Carl Fowler guided me, helped me and mentored me. If I had questions, he was right there. Great guy, wicked smart and he was going this in the early 1980’s.

So to be honest, I did not start like the vast majority started. But then again, Inachi has changed that forever. When I first started, you could go to a meeting once a month and talk to other inspectors…now you can talk, ask, laugh, complain daily…

But I am the step by step kinda guy…I am on pretty much step one…and that has taken me an entire night…ONLY like 285 more pages to go!!!

But I will write a review once I am done…

That is funny I was just taking a leak and thinking that you are not quite the average inspector and that you likely had quite a bit more business training and insight that most do and did have before you got started :slight_smile:

The way you do things and the things I have learned about you over the years show to me you are not the average businessman.

That is why I will be interested in what you think once you are finished.

I am particularly interested in your opinion on how it would affect the average guy starting out.

Alright, who are you and what have you done with Mike Meeker:D

Come on now.
I am always 100% honest and always give my opinions whether they are good bad or ugly.
One thing for sure if I say something you can darn sure bet I mean it :slight_smile: Unless joking around about something.
Many around here just voice their opinions if they are popular. Me, well not so much as you can tell by the love I receive :slight_smile:

The book to me is a compilation of all the documents found here http://www.nachi.org/success.htm just under one cover.

No, but the same guy wrote both so there is overlap. The Conquer book for Inspectors is based on the outline from my Conquer series of books for Contractors that I wrote first, last year: http://www.contractorsassociation.org/

It has more overlap with www.nachi.org/articles.htm as many of the ideas in those articles simply can’t be left out of a book on inspector marketing.

Conquer is intentionally laid out in the order an inspector should do things. For example, it starts out helping the reader to define a mission statement for his/her inspection business.

Nick, I have the .pdf version… is there good reason to have the printed/final?

So basically, Mike and Nick are inferring there is no reason to spend $500 on Billy’s “course” when you can get better info in this book for $29.95. Got it. Thanks.

No. I only printed a version because so many members asked me to, as they like to read real books.

you can take it places you might not want to take your electronics. I can see an advantage in the PDF version as well as the links are probably live and that would be nice

I just read the first 100 pages or so, so far I’ve liked the book. Looking forward to the rest.

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What gives you the right to judge any home inspector for anything you two-bit peddler?

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