Accepting Nominations for Best Defect Pictures for January 2013

Weldbond glue doesn’t fix everything.

This chimney cap was cracked in three locations clear across it’s width and an attempt to repair with glue was made. (the bottle of glue was left on the roof by the cricket)

Okay now this is how we make a totem pole…I mean support post …cut a branch and stick it here!! Notice the shim lol

Scott, that totem pole seems to be just holding up a pair of bar clamps etc., what am I not seeing? Oh, and is that a garage door without a radius track? How does that work?


You guys are great.
Please keep them coming we can use extras for next month.
Love how some people do things Ingenuity at work .

Great Defect pictures guys, Thanks for participating. :):smiley:

“We don’t have alot of crawl spaces here so can you blame them for getting it wrong.” Said the Realtor.
My response was “YES”
They dug a trench under the footing and the post was a mess. I count five ceder shims and a cinderblock. No footings under them as well!!

lots of great pics

The lint can still get out if the flap can’t open…Right?

That’s the energy efficiency model. No heat loss. :smiley:

That’s to make the clothes cook instead of drying. ;):slight_smile:

That’s a classic!

Not cook them, they just buy 'em big, now they just need to shrink them down, its a DIY clothing re-sizer.