Additional items on HVAC circuit

While checking the HVAC systems, I noticed this disconnect that appears to be feeding a travel trailer at the property. Am I understanding it correctly that someone has essentially piggybacked into the HVAC circuit to power this disconnect? I don’t believe it’s correct, as I think this travel trailer service should be on its own, dedicated circuit, but I wanted to share and ask.

The panel was not accessible to pull the dead front, although most circuits were unlabeled. (Blocked by personal items, so has nothing to do with the ongoing saga RE: Ohio)

image image image

Plus the green fuse is 30 amp.

Happy inspecting. :smile:

It does give that impression.

Homeowner special :slight_smile: Tied with the exterior receptacle and whatever the black cable feeds, needs to be dedicated, needs electrician to correct.

Hi Chuck, sorry I didn’t follow. What is “it”? My post or the saga?


The black cable below the fuses was run to the travel trailer. Overall, a great learning opportunity!

No not the saga. It already gets too much air time on the threads he pollutes. I’m not going to introduce it into other threads.

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My narrative would go as follows.
1: The 30 AMP max fused switch box is a General purpose indoor NEMA 1 enclosure out doors.
2: AC disconnect, Non-Fused AC Disconnect termination luges: A: tapped twice to feed a 30 AMP max fused switch box. B: Missing safety termination plate.
OR. …
3: 60 AMP max AC pull out disconnect termination lugs tapped twice to feed power to a 30 AMP max General purpose indoor NEMA 1 enclosure out doors.

Are you saying that the AC disconnect is also feeding the receptacle, if so where did they get a neutral?

Gotcha. Thanks!

I think from here…

If I’m following your question correctly, yes, the AC disconnect is feeding the fused disconnect which in turn is feeding both the 120V outlet and the line for the camper.

In the fused disconnect box the “supply” from the HVAC disconnect enters from the right of the image, the 120V outlet enters top left, and the camper enters at the bottom.

Could you tell ,e more about your neutral question? I noted the neutral and ground on the same bar in a “sub panel” which still shouldn’t be done, but I’m here to learn. Thanks!

From the bare grounding conductor that enters from the inside of the house and terminates in the pullout disconnect, then goes to the fused disconnect, and then the receptacle’s conduit. Why not :smiley: (j/k)

Lugs Tapped twice.
AWG not consistent under lugs.
Indoor NEMA 1 enclosure.
This should be simple to write up.

From the EGC. Maybe they installed a ground rod at the trailer.

The branch circuit feeding the AC disconnect is only a two wire cable with the white as a hot leg so there is no neutral available to feed the receptacle.


Everyone is assuming that they are using it ‘as’ a 120 V receptacle. Think that they may have also modified the plug for 220V?

No, we are not, there is only a single ungrounded conductor going into the conduit of the 120V receptacle from the fused disconnect.

Is it still 220V in your area?

If it’s 120 volts then it’s also 240 volt not 220. The nominal voltage system is 120/240 volts so when mentioning voltages the nominal voltage(s) should be used, 220 is a thing of the past.