An the electricians don't want us to open panels

In our recent legislation, I listened to the meeting via tapes and the electrical contractors do not want us to open panels.

I wonder what they would say after seeing this…

Apparently they think you need an electrical contractors license to determine if this is faulty or not.

Think these guys are getting insurance?

Eric its been like that for years and never had a problem. His great uncle was an electrician and he said it was fine, and he was a master electrician!

Stop it already!

Typically that is what I hear. They think we WANT to find this stuff. I tell them I don’t get paid by the defect and what I find matters not who pays me, the house is the house.

Had one yesterday where the “seller” wrote a rebuttal letter stating my findings were wrong and everything with the house was 'OK".

He said the Federal Pacific panel that had a sign on the inside stating "When a breaker trips it is because it gets too hot, simply turn it off for 15 minutes, then turn it back on.

He said that was ‘normal’…that was just ONE of his arguments…

From the same house…the “renovated” electric panel.

Actually I am quite surprised that opening up panels was NOT in the recent list of items that are “beyond the scope” of the HI license.

Personally, I think it is a must do step in any home and insurance inspection, but safety is paramount and proper precautions/training must be utilized.

I am pretty sure it was, along with not using any testing devices.

That’s just unbelievable. Florida is shooting itself in the foot and its citizenry in the butt. :frowning:

They are trying to Cameron, but some are trying to prevent it from happening and there is a lawyer name Marjory who is pretty darn sharp and unbiased watching our backs.

I’m rooting for you guys, can anything be done by the rest of us out of state?

Nope, but man it sure is awesome of you to offer.

I am keeping a small journal in case other states go through it, I can hopefully help them along with what happened here. James Bushart was right on when he said to be armed and prepared BEFORE it goes into affect. Which we were not and to be honest most of us are just plain ignorant or how Government works.

NOW we know…a little late but not too late (hopefully)

I know that prayers may not be the action or weapon of choice for every person on this board, but my family will offer them for you guys just the same. Keep us posted and Florida inspectors, fight this one together for the benefit of all of us. These ideas have the tendency to spread from state to state.

Is funny how we seem to continue going around and around about these issues. I’m sure that each licensed HI can provide thousands of supporting evidence (photos) to justify the why we should not be limited. Which will be very chocking. Those anyone have a link the latest preposed license scope. Thanks in advance

I refer so much business to electricians, the amount of double tapped breakers, FPE panels, & aluminum branch wiring I see on a daily basis.
It’s FREE business for them.
They’ll know what needs to be fixed/replaced prior to showing up & already have a quote for the client, so no need to waste their time & try to bid on business…
Well that’s me 2 cents…

This sounds like a bunch of poor quality contractors trying to get rid of the inspectors who call out their crappy work.

Totally agree. :slight_smile:

I do the same thing.

It is, as it is in society in general, a small percentage who mess things up for everyone else.
What some of these contractors don’t realize, is what Jerry and I do, that a home inspector would have no problem referring business to a competent contractor.

I have a friend who is a master electrician who I have known for over 30 years. I have probably referred over 200 jobs to him and a lot were panel changes.Main disconnects included. That makes for a pretty tidy income, just for answering the phone.

For all of the contractors who view this board, most home inspectors do not view you as the enemy.

I think this is about HI’s having to pay an electrical contractor to work under their licenses to open panels.

When our law was in progress to be implemented there wasn’t even a Home Inspector on the Board! Just Realtors, Contractors and Insurance Brokers (geee think there was alternative agenda in the goings on?)!

Step #1 was to kick off contractors and add some Inspectors…

Step #2 was to make the contractors abide by the HI law (except initial education requirements which was grandfathered to all praticing Inspectors).

I feel for you guys in Fla. I had in-laws living in Fla that needed assistance from the family(was planning to move there to help out) and I couldn’t even crack open an HVAC unit without stupid Gov… crap like having to work 2 years with a licenced “jack-leg” first.
Had to take a 2 yr $8.00/hr job to do my $75/hr job.

Thanks for the info Dave.

Here is the funny thing, we don’t have a board, we have a free for all. Its the MMA of professions. Go in and battle and then see how the judges decide.

We have many, many good contractors on our side, just a few who own educational institutions who are trying to curve the law in their favor under the guise of helping the masses, when actually it is only self serving.

We shall see. A little education, some unity and cohesive efforts will hopefully go a long way.

Almost every day I find something wrong in an electric panel. That is, when I can open them!