Aspiring home inspector

My name is Kevin and I’m looking to do a small start up Business home inspections. Not looking to get filthy rich just get away from corporate America. I need to find a mentor and advise after I complete my course study and certification. If there is anyone that has ever been in my shoes please help me. I’m working a crappy low paying job now and want to better myself. I use to be a small business owner in a different industry lawn pest control for 15 years. Unfortunately a divorce changed that for me and I hate working for folks. If anyone can help me God bless you I appreciate it so much for me and my 2 little girls.

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Welcome to our forum, Kevin. Jump right in and enjoy yourself.

It would be helpful if we knew where you are located. :smile:

I’m in the Atlanta metro area sir…

Atlanta , Ga metro area.

Find a CMI within 40 to 50 miles and contact them regarding you query:

Good luck!

Get off your azz and make it happen. Nobody cares about your problems , stand on your own 2 feet and make something of yourself. Be proud of yourself, don’t cry here.

Dude , I don’t need your chastisement I would rather you just not comment at all if your not helping me. Pride goes before a fall read that good book sometime proverbs…


What is wrong with you, Zehel? It’s comments like that that make this board unpleasant and drives away inspectors who come here for help, And that’s what a lot of us are here for… to offer help.


Kevin, many inspectors don’t like to train their competition, so you might want to look for a mentor not too close to home. Offer to carry the ladder, check the GFCI’s and window operation and ask for help with inspecting electrical components and anything else you feel unsure about.

  1. Study the home systems hard;
  2. Study the business of inspection, including learning about the business peripherals, like websites, marketing techniques, and business software integration.
  3. Learn to use your inspection software really well.

Thank you sir… Getting ready to sign up for a module training course through got everything I need. I’ve built a business from scratch before it’s not hard as long as you are equipped with the basics. I’m going to give it a shot can’t hurt. Glad to see there are others out there with some compassion thank you sir.

Dude , @jzehel the last thing I need from you is chastisement. If you cannot help me just don’t comment please. Also you should understand proverbs pride goes before a fall my friend. I was a very proud small business owner before if you seen my past life you would not be making these comments to me. You can be on top one minute then life happens you know?.?

Thank you sir God bless…

Atlanta , Ga metro area…

Just ignore him Kevin & GOOD LUCK to you! :cowboy_hat_face:


Welcome to the board. I have two suggestions for you. The first is to attend the local INACHI and any State Inspector association meetings. Introduce yourself one on one with the more friendly Inspectors. Possibly one won’t mind you attending inspections as an assistant just to learn.

The second is to use your previous business contacts and any you might obtain at Chapter meetings to find either a small Builder or GC that performs a variety of work. Speak with them about possibly being on one of their job sites for a little OJT on how homes are constructed. They may even have time between jobs to show you things to learn.

There is no better confidence builder than understanding how homes are constructed as it helps you inspect them better. The business aspects are not really any different than the pest control business you had so you have that down already.

Good luck and come back to ask lots of questions!

If I were you I’d forget ICA Schools and stick with learning from InterNACHI. InterNACHI offers a killer amount of training for the cost of membership. Find a local InterNACHI chapter and attend meetings.

As one of InterNACHI’s instructors I can tell you that I often meet inspectors who paid a lot of money to attend a school before they joined InterNACHI, and most of them wish they hadn’t. They wind up joining InterNACHI anyway, because being a member of a professional association is important as a credential in marketing your business (and a requirement in some states), and then they discover that the school inspection courses that they paid a lot of money for are available for free at InterNACHI.

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Hello, Kevin.

I recommend going through every step and every link on It’s a step-by-step checklist for you. In relation to finding a mentor, be sure to check out our InterNACHI Mentoring Program. And that’s at the bottom of Step #8 on As you move through the steps, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

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I used ICA, MD requires classroom time and ICA offers 1 year membership for internachi. That is why I chose them! I did their modules online, then in person. I am currently working through the internachi courses online, I believe that the membership to internachi completes their courses and encourages the self help/researchers attitude that will be necessary to be successful and useful in the business.

Internachi will be an invaluable resource for you, I strongly recommend the 25 standards course after you complete your ICA courses. If you only purchased their online courses and it didn’t come with membership here (not sure how it all works)after completion put the funds out for membership with internachi, it is so worth it!

Find a CMI within 40 to 50 miles and contact them regarding you query:

Good luck!