Biden-Palin Debate

Who do you think won? Fox News claims Palin, MSNBC & CNN Claim Biden, what does NACHI think?

Palin - 75%
Biden - 23%
Neither - 2%

Total Votes: 56,156


Give us some links. I like to see the results and comments.

Neither one excited me.

I tried passing time by counting how many times Palin would use the terms Maverick and Hockey mom.

Biden was to calm , in being afraid to come across as a bully.

The moderator sucked.

Palin tried to be flippant.

Guess thats why they are running second bannana.

Who fared better in the vice presidential debate?
Sen. Joe Biden 74% 36986
Gov. Sarah Palin 23% 11417
Neither 3% 1294

CNN Total Votes: 49697

BIDEN 24% ** 20,111**
** PALIN** 74% ** 62,520** ** **
NEITHER**** 2% ** 1,662** **

Total Votes: 84,293**

Surprised, you are having a poll on this , since we know where all the old fart Inspectors stand.:slight_smile: (at least 90% of them):slight_smile:

Fox News Question of the Day

Who won the vice presidential debate Thursday?

Sarah Palin 48%

Joe Biden 52%

Total Voters:26716

MSNBC Who won the VP debate? * 165,591 responses

Joe Biden 53%

Sarah Palin 37%

Tie 4.6%

Not sure 5.4%

View Poll Results:
Who Won the Biden/Palin Debate?






From the polls, it looks like Biden won hands down, maybe we should poll who had the biggest gaff? In that category it would have to be Palin when she sought to expand the office of the Vice President to oversee the Senate, talk about your lead balloon, who does she think she is Cheney? :smiley:

As long as she shuts up.

Condo Bob…buy one of Nicks … Oops…I mean Prolabs filters for your old farts—:lol:

San Deigo 10 News

**Who do you think won the vice presidential debate between Delaware Sen. ****Joe Biden and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin? **

**Choice ****Votes ****Percentage of 16851 **
Votes Sen. Joe Biden won. 8,866

Gov. Sarah Palin won. 7,652

I’m not sure. 147

I didn’t watch. 186


I like smelling up the room.

Can’t you tell. :slight_smile:

26% **** 46,869 ** **

72% ** 126,903** **

2% ** 3,133** **

Total Votes: 176,905

Please quote the source.


Who won the VP debate? * 447758 responses
Joe Biden** 52**%

Sarah Palin 38%

Tie 4.3%

Not sure 5.9%


You don’t show where these results came from, I’m guessing Drudge, but just so you know… They don’t jive with other knows sources, even the neocon friend, Faux News Poll has Biden 60/40.

I viewed the debate as a tie. The interesting area of the debate for me is that the moderator Gwen Ifill of the National Public Radio has vested in the outcome of this election by way of a book that is scheduled for release in January. The books is titled “The Breakthrough: Poltics and Race in the Age of Obama”. The age of Obama is that like B.C. , A.D. now we have A.O.? Palin did well against a stacked deck.